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Acer H6510BD - PS3 Not recognizing 3D

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I just got my brand new awesome Acer projector, and I love it.

I have a problem though.

When I setup the display setting in my PS3, it finds the 1080p signal, but it doesn't give me the option to set up the display as 3D,
I am using an Onkyo NR626 receiver but it's supposedly capable of sending 3D signals across, so I am not sure if that's the one giving trouble.

If I connect the Projector directly to the PS3 it never displays anything, cannot find any signal,

It's pretty confusing, I tried many things and cannot make it work.

I am not sure if this question belongs here or in the receiver forums. I tend to believe there's something wrong with the projector or Ps3 settings, because like I said, when I bypass the receiver, it doesn't even recognize the signal from the PS3 .

I should note that I tried a few weeks ago the Optoma GT750 and when I set it up, the PS3 recognized perfectly the 3D display, and I was able to use it for 3D movies and games. I was using the exact same HDMI cable I am using now, so I don't think that's the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.
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Hey Poncho,

Did you ever get this working? I'm too am having issues getting my PS3 to display 3D correctly.
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Not really. I mean, I was able to get the PS3 recognize the projector as 3D by connecting it straight into the projector (not using the receiver), but using a much shorter cable.
Then, once it's setup with a 3D TV, I connected everything back into the receiver, and the PS3 still has the TV as 3D, but when I played a game in 3D, the screen was duplicated (top and bottom) and never processed the 3D image correctly.
My best guess is that the problem is the HDM cable. I didn't want to buy a more expensive one (specially because this one worked with the optoma projector), but I think that has to be the problem, and I could bet that if I get a redmere 25' hdmi cable, everything will work fine.
I am not in a hurry, so I won't do it right away, but eventually I'll do it, and I'll report back in case somebody else has a similar problem.
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Make sure the rcvr is set to "pass through mode" only, and you might also check your source components to turn off "deep color". The ps3 has a tendency to remember the last tv it was setup with, and going back into the setup menu to redo all the information, after the new tv is connected, has worked for some issues.

For anything over about 20', I wouldn't use anything less than a 24 awg high speed cable, or the Red Mere cabling, which is reasonable in price. Red Mere is picky on how it's connected, as it's data flow is in one direction only, so make sure it's connected properly.
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I am using the bluerigger hdmi's from amazon, and so far they have done great! I did re-do my PS3 setup, and the H6510BD is showing 3D.

My issue now is I see some flicker in certain scenes that weren't there before with my acer 5360 and vip-theatre. I'm guessing it might have to do with my prev. pj doing 3D at 120hz and this new one is 96hz? I upgraded to the Sainsonic 96hz-144hz which are better, but in certain scenes the 3D edges and parts of the sky are distracting.

I'm going through the settings on the PS3 to try and optimize, without anything making a difference. I'm curious if it has anything to do with the PS3 color settings.

Any suggestions?
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