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Palliser Indianapolis

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Anyone know much about this new theater seat?

It looks like the headrest puts your head in the right spot when reclined, facing forward or slightly up. I'm 6'0 tall and the 41" seat back seems like it would be ok.

Can't find one to sit in yet but I thought I'd reach out to everyone here.
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I replied to your PM with pretty much the same info, and I will post here for public knowledge, also.

I have sat in the Indianapolis a couple of times at Furniture Market. It's a nice chair. Here are my thoughts:

* It is more firm than some of the Palliser models
* It is a great looking chair. I love the appearance of this model.
* Because of the headrest, your head will be pointed more toward the screen than with the Playback you sat in.
* It has only a 41" back height. If you are taller than 5'10" / 5'11" or so, you are going to have no head support. If you are 6'0" or taller I suggest looking at another model. I believe I have a video of me sitting in the chair. I'm 6' tall. I can dig it up and put it on our server if you'd like. It would probably be tomorrow or Friday...

Whatever model you choose make sure you get power recline so that you can control the angle at which you view the screen, especially if this is a concern of yours.

I don't think you mentioned being 6' tall in your PM. Assuming you will not find the Idianapolis anywhere to test drive (pun intended), I highly recommend finding a recliner, even if another brand, that is 41" tall to sit in to see if you like it before purchasing the Indianapolis. I think you're not going to be very happy with the back height once you do.
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