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Audiophile Reference Recording Tracks

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Here are some of the audiophile-grade recording soundtracks that I use for my audio demo tests for any audio components such as speakers, amplifiers, headphones, receivers, etc.

For usual regular purpose audio component testing:
  1. Eric Clapton - Signe [Live]
  2. Emily-Claire Barlow - Breaking Up Is Heard To Do
  3. Warriors Of Heaven And Earth - Dacoit Duel
  4. The Yuri Honing Trio - Walking On The Moon
  5. Dire Straits - You And Your Friend
  6. Pink Floyd - On The Run
  7. Jacintha - O Ganso
  8. Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five
  9. Chris Botti In Boston - Flamenco Sketches
  10. Grant Green - Hurt So Bad
  11. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamonds
  12. Pink Floyd - Hey You
  13. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  14. Allan Taylor - Nadine
  15. Sara K. - Would You Break My Heart?
  16. Stacey Kent - Jardin D’hiver
  17. Jacintha - Georgia On My Mind
  18. Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Theme

And for serious low frequency (bass) testing, use the following tracks:
  1. Bassotronics - Bass, I Love You
  2. Beat Dominator - Bass… Can You Hear Me?
  3. Infected Mushroom - Never Ever Land

For rock (lead guitar, riffs) testing, use the following tracks:
  1. Riverside - Before [Live]
  2. Riverside - The Curtain Falls

For 5.1 Surround testing, use only two following tracks. The tracks are in DVD-A [DTS format]:
  1. Eagles - Hotel California [Live]
  2. The Police - Wrapped Around Your Fingers [Live]

What are your reference music tracks that you usually use?
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Or see sticky threads
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Thread exists:



Yeah, I saw that. But I was trying to get into one step closer to the individual soundtrack, rather than the entire CD or SACD.

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