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Current best bet for discrete graphics card?

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Hi all,

I built an HTPC last year and have been relying on my Intel Core i3 (ivy bridge hd4000) for driving the display. Very very long story short i'm convinced that the Intel CPU is responsible for the (occasional) stuttering and poor black level issues i'm seeing when driving video through my Sony HW50es projector. I would like to move up to a discrete card but do not want to spend a lot. Under $75.00 is preferable with as low a noise level as possible

Is there currently a go-to for cheap/silent discrete graphics? I already searched the forums myself but couldn't find very current information on the subject.

Thanks in advance
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If you aren't doing any fancy upscaling, it seems you can get away with something inexpensive like this:

check out Rene's post for GPU requirements for various upscaling
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IMHO, Start looking at the following:

nVidia: GT430 and above
AMD: HD6450 and above

Many of these are passively cooled (no fans), just be sure you have adequate airflow in your case.
Certainly under your budget, and can be found in low profile form factors.

What you ultimately get should depend on what you are using it for.

Both are more powerful than the HD4000 on the i3, and are powerful enough to drive a projector.
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I have an Asus GT 430 and it's been running like a champ. I bought it to fix the limited RGB over HDMI that Intel graphics are stuck on and it's worked great for that. I don't use it for any upscaling though, maybe once I get a new TV/projector I'll start looking into that and probably end up upgrading my card as well.
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I have to admit, I'm back to looking again too. I've been with ATI for a (long) while. Currently running a 7770, but that card is starting to have real issues (occassionally my screen goes to black, I have to wake it up, reboot, whatever) so I'm assuming a change needs to happen. Que Sera.

I'm debating switching sides, because while in the past I've been happy with the ATI, the lack of native LAV support, etc. makes me feel as though I might be missing something that I could get with the Nvidia. I'll have to weigh my options. Either I go grab a 7790, a 7850 or a Geforce 660.

Just trying to sort it out atm.
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You can find a fanless GT640 or two on the market but you have to have adequate airflow in your case to use it as it will overheat if pushed without some sort of cooling going on.
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I am in exactly the same boat. I had an older CPU with an AMD 5570. Worked fine for a HTPC. I upgraded to an i3 with Intel HD4000 graphics. That was about a year ago. Since then, I've noticed stuttering in videos occasionally. I just got the new version of the 5570 today. I got an MSI AMD radeon 6570.

So far, the video is looking a little crisper. Otherwise the thing I notice is that my windows 8 graphics score went from a 5.6 to a 6.6.

I'll have to use it for a week or so and see if it helps with stutter.
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I would get a 6670 due to the faster memory it has and the price being low still.
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