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Sony VPL-CS4...  

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I recently ordered the Sony CS4. The reason I bought this is that I got a great deal on it at work...

Is the CS4 crap..?

I will be using it for DVD and pc games.... (on 60" screen)

Are there better alternatives for me..? I can`t really pay more than 2500$..


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if you got a good deal then there's nothing really bad about this PJ.
The PT-AE100 is a big deal much because of it's low price and the fact that it is nativ 16:9.
If VPL-CS4 were much cheaper then AE100 it would have been more popular.

You will be satisfied with this PJ as a starter.
You can't expect miracles from any sub 5k PJ, sit back and enjoy your movies and games or you'll end up searching for the absolutely best PJ you can get for 2500$ without any luck.

There is no superior cheap PJ, it all comes down on to what you can accept and can't stand.
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Thank you for replying mikeett... And I guess your right..:)


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