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ONKYO - Integra Serial Communication Protocol for AV Receiver

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1st version stable enough to be shared around:

YAIntegra Remote v. 0.1.2 (Nelson)
If anyone is interested Ill keep posting updates in this thread.

Hi all,
I look around for info about how pilot the whole line of Integra/Onkyo AV Receivers:

DTR-20.2 DTR-30.2 TX-NR708 DTR-40.2 DHC-40.2 TX-NR808 DTR-50.2 TX-NR1008 TX-NR3008 TX-NR5008 DTR-70.2

DTR-80.2 DHC-80.2 PR-SC5508 DTR-20.3 DTR-30.3 TX-NR709 DTR-40.3 TX-NR809 DTR-50.3 TX-NR1009 TX-NR3009 TX-NR5009 DTR-70.3 DTR-80.3 DHC-80.3 PR-SC5509

but it's all pretty scattered around and I just find hard to keep track of the differences on various models, firmwares, configurations.

Im writing Yet Another ISCP Remote Control (YAISCPRC?) based on the ONKYO Protocol:

Version 1.21, 4 July 2011

(Anyone have access to a more recent protocol version?)

If someone else is interested Ill keep posting progresses and problems on here.

Existing applications:

Onkyo NRControl
Windows .NET Nonkyo by KaSpar (user on this forum). Source code avaible
JAVA eISCP by TomGutwin. Sourcecode avaible
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Ok, 1st update. Got the network stack up and running and successfully queried my unit, a TR-50.2.


Already something I still don't really understand or something buggy about the whole network implementation of the receiver.

The official (?) "Integra Remote" for android AKA "ONKYO remote" application, Version 1.51.130605.6 (running on a Kindle HD) wasn't able to "discover the receiver.
I read on thia forum about people having some similar problems with their unit identified. Ill have to investigate the issue.
My receiver has been correctly discovered before so seem to be some garbage collected over the Integra network service.

I sent the following UDP message:
49 53 43 50 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 00 21 78 45 43 4E 51 53 54  4E 0D
|49 53 43 50 |00 00 00 10 |00 00 00 09 |01 |00 00 00 |21 31 45 43 4E |51 53 54 4E 0D|
| I  S  C  P |            |            | v |         | !  x  E  C  N | Q  S  T  N cr|
|   header   | head. size | data size  | v |reserverd|   ISCP MSG    |              |
over the port 60128 and the receiver correctly answer.

Seem the receiver is very forgiving about my packets (very very bad) and incomplete implementations go trough
and return the requested to the point that whatever packet it receive over the UDP seem to be considered valid.


At the initial connection the receiver "vomited" lot of unrequested data over the network:
confirming that the ONKYO/INTEGRA network implementation is not the most clean thing I ever saw...
From the Protocol specs. 1.21 I have seem to be packet describing some art/album data:
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The receiver keep streaming from network while in standby.

pretty straighforward; switch to the right "MODE":
!1SLI28 for internet streams/radio/broadcasts/podcasts
!1SLI27 for local network contents

and navigate the interface with the !NTCxxx commands, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RETURN and SELECT.

once the stream start the RECEIVER will keep sending out packets every second with the stream POSITION and LENGHT
in mm:ss/mm:ss format.

Not sure how good I feel about the fact that the RECEIVER keep the stream running continuosly after switched to STANDBY.
The only advantage I can see is that the media contents are immediately available when the UNIT get switched back ON
but seem pretty odd.
Im pondering to turn off all the stream everytime the user set the RECEIVER in STANDBY.
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I'm interested in exploring your application, partly to learn the API commands. I want to use a linux command line to control my Onkyo receiver. Please post here if you update this app. Have you done any work with a linux version? Any plans to add control for Zone2 and Zone3 to this app?
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