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One cable box and multiple TVs in a house

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I just moved to a house and apparently things are set up so that I just need on HD box to watch HD channels on all TVs at the house.
but the guy from an IPS came and he bypassed the existing "system" and set the TV up so that I only get HD channels in the living room where the HD box is.

But as far as I know the previous owner who used to get TV from the same IPS was able to get HD channels on 3+ tvs with one HD box.
and the reason the guy from the IPS bypassed the existing set up was because it was "bad" (He could have meant it is old but the house is less than 3 yrs old so I doubt him)

I know little to nothing when it comes to such complex configuration of TVs... am I missing something? What more information do I need to know to even explain this more clearly to people? -.-

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Can't make out the stuff in there, but not likely you have any equipment there that enables HDTV distribution from a single set-top box. There may be a modulator in there to allow sharing of SD content to other TVs, with perhaps an HDMI-over-cat5e balun set for a single HD set. Without knowing what else is in there, can't say for sure.

But the cableco guy was not lying to you...

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Thanks I will do more research ... but here is one thing I dont get.
The guy from IPS simply replaced the HD box from an older one to the one he brought and the TV wasnt able to recognize the box.
and the fact that the guy came to fix had to bypass the existing set up.... I just wish I was there to ask that guy what as the problem rather than hearing the set up was "bad" and he had to bypass it.
and I am willing to buy the equipment to enable HDTV distribution from a single box but I dont know if that was there in the first place to enable that...
Well I guess there is something that allows sharing of SD because we can watch SD tvs on other TVs.
Thanks a lot though Jeff!

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idk if uploading these pics would help at all but since I am hopeless...
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Well, that photo appears to be a standard-def RF modulator. Seeing the make/model front of that box would confirm, but I'm pretty sure (although there's no audio connected!).

Which if the former owner was using local modulator(s) to distribute to the rest of the house, that would explain why the cableco box didn't work, as the wiring would have been re-configured...

You say you're willing to buy the HD distribution gear - you might prepare yourself for sticker shock. Rental fees on a small number of additional set-top boxes would give more functionality for the money...
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this is the front of the modulator.
Idk what they would be for ... the wires feed into the hole and disappear behind the wall...
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Yep, a single-channel SD modulator... You could hook up the composite (SD) video output from a set-top box to the other end of that Monster cable and it'll work. But you need to get the audio cable there as well. It's a mono modulator - but use a 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable to do that.

You need to locate the other end of the RCA cable (Monster) and decide what you want to do. It probably doesn't go far - is there an A/V cabinet nearby?
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