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Hello all

I just got a 720 off ebay (where else gonna get one) and although the unit was kind smeggy, it cleaned up pretty nice.

All in all it looked like it was in perfect working order and the screen was very clear.

But then I went to plug it in to do the programming, and although the remote reads USB connected, the PC will not bring up the USB drivers and work with it as a device connected.

So far I have tried two dif cables, fully uninstalling the software and drivers, working with it in safe mode, trying it on three dif PC's...and even took it apart to see if I could find anything wrong but could not.

Note that I have had two 550's and a 510 for years so I know how to work with them and all of those work on the PC's I mentioned. Also I purchased a 720 previous to this one off ebay about a month ago and that one works fine too.

Note, I also tried letting it sit for a good charge and tried again, although it was showing pretty full when I got it.

Note that I wrote the seller that is was like this and they right away reimbursed me for the cost of the remote and also told me not to send this one back.

So don't know, did some Googling for this issue and see that some people with Harmonies have had this happen, but have not seen a repair other then sending it back, (from all threads when it was under warr).

So does anyone have any advice or knowledge they could give me on this, and or a way they know of how to fix it?

Thanks for any help.