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Today's Show:
For many avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts, time spent away in the wilderness is a great opportunity to unplug and distance yourself from all of the technology that surrounds us everyday. For others of us, the idea of being away from HDTV for an extended amount of time puts us into a bit of a panic. But don’t fret, there are ways to experience the great outdoors and bring your HDTV along for the trip.

We also discuss:
  • Netflix and CBS extended their streaming deal, and added new shows like CSI: NY and others
  • Amazon added Miramax movies to their Instant Video lineup
  • What is Frame Compatible 3D?
  • What is Full HD 3D (FHD3D)?
  • Microsoft has set the wind-down date for MSN TV
  • PlayOn launched an Aereo Channel for some devices

and a lot more...

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