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Nice work man! I like the beveled edge and actually had planned on using the new set of bevel bits I just recently scooped on the next build I get into biggrin.gif Now go have a seat and tell us what you think!
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Thanks, fellas. smile.gif I think they sound great! I got lucky and read about the reverse polarity on the CD right before hooking them up the first time, so I've only ever had them in the proper config. They're pretty pleasing to the ear, and very, very revealing.

Now, I'm thinking of how to design and incorporate a center channel based on the same drivers, but in a MTM config. While I like the phantom center, I'm convinced it's just not as good as the full 5.1 with a capable center channel. I'll have to check with bwaslo, tuxedocivic, et al, on such a design, and think about building a new entertainment center to accommodate such a change, but that's prolly a year away. Hell, by then maybe I'll be in a new house that would facilitate that - right now my space & budget constraints are pretty restrictive.
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Nice build! I would imagine with a good center channel, those will be quite awesome for theater use!
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Originally Posted by nube View Post

... and think about building a new entertainment center to accommodate such a change ...

I've found there's an amazingly positive difference in eliminating any entertainment center, or similar furniture etc., up at the LCR end of the room. If at all possible, examine your options of implementing your center channel without such furniture, it matters more than one would think.
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Really nice! I'm constantly bouncing back and forth between this SEOS design and the Statement. Totally different monsters, similar price, equally heralded reviews, this one much smaller. What will you use for the surrounds? Any thought to using front highs? And lastly, how far will you have these mains apart?
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They look great!
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With Pete's astute help, I finally built the grills for these things. Pretty easy to build, all in all. Sorry for the bad quality pics. frown.gif

Dado intersecting pieces to make them square, glued up, then beveled with the table saw.

Taped washers to match up with the magnets inset into the baffle.

That worked OK.

Pete recommended trying them with additional magnets as standoffs to separate the grills from the baffles just a little bit.

I can't tell much difference in the sound with the grills on directly, with the standoffs, or with the grills off.

Not sure which I prefer - baffles directly mated with the grills or with standoffs. Options are good!
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