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FOCAL CHORUS Owners - Are the 816v towers better then the 714v towers?

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I have 714v towers and my main fronts and my main wides (front)...came across an ad on CL for 2 brand new in box 816v towers for $800....I thought I read somewhere that there wasnt a difference but cant find it now? Should I jump all over these and sell a set of my 714v?

also as a seperate question....I have as my center the cc700...would it be a good upgrade to go to the 814v center?


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I have owned the 816V. Never heard the 700 series. The 816 with matching center is an excellent set up. I have read that the 800 series has better crossover. Not so sure if the newer crossover is a significant improvement.

If the 816 are new at $800 I would take a chance and buy them.

These specs show the 816 should be a better performer. You never know without an audition.

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thanks for the reply....anyone else have an opinion? I can pick them up tonight....seems like a real good deal and the boxes have never been opened but dont want to buy if it isnt a smart move.
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I own the new version of the Chorus 726. I auditioned the 726V and 826W, and read up on Focal quite a bit.

My understanding is that the only difference between the upper end 700V and 800V is the construction. The drivers are the same. However, in your case, you'll be moving to a larger driver, so you'll have more output. Do you need that? Personally I like the look of the 816V over the 714V, so that may also be a consideration for you. Also, I have heard from some people that the 800 series center is better than the 700 series, so if you are going to upgrade that also you will probably end up with an overall better system.

The big changes come with moving up to the W series as the drivers are completely different from any of the V series.
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I couldnt pass them up...they were brand spankin new....ebay has them for $1k more.....I guess now is if i should upgrade the center.....would I want to get the cc800 or the 814v center?
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I think the CC800 and 814V are the same center except one has a gloss black finish.

Get whichever one matches your new towers.
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ok so I think i will go with the 814v center cause I want it to match with the gloss....
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Hello Focal Chorus Owners!
I obtained a pair of 807VW a week ago, and I was wondering what the majority of you are setting your cross overs on your subwoofers at?
I also read your comments about removing the tweeter grile, I tried it but I couldn't tell any difference, am I missing something ?
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