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Soundbar or portable (computer) speaker

Poll Results: Do portable speakers (like the Jawbone JAMBOX) provide sound similar in quality to a TV soundbar (like the Sony HTCT260)?

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    Yes, sound quality is similar.
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    No, soundbar is better.
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    No, portable speaker is better.
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    You need both.
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I just purchased a new TV (Costco exclusive Panasonic TC50LE64) and am trying to decide on my sound setup. I will NOT be convinced to get a traditional 5.1 surround speaker setup (hence the "soundbar" forum). I am a minimalist. I am trying to decide between a soundbar, like the

Sony HTCT260

or a portable speaker system setup... I am not convinced a soundbar is really going to be that awesome anyway, so I was wondering if it is even worth it to get a soundbar versus going the bluetooth, portable speaker route, like the

Jawbone Jambox

Is the soundbar going to provide exceedingly superior sound to portable speakers? If not, I would go with the portable speakers because then I could also take them with me. I am living in a small CONDO, which means neighbors that share my walls may be annoyed by blasting music from my tv in the living room so I can hear it well at the back of the condo... thus, I can use portable speakers for the room and bring them over to the TV when I want to watch TV/movies.

Ideas, suggestions, tips? As you can tell I am no expert (and I'm also not rollin in the dough so buying both, which just dawned on me as an option, shouldn't really be an option). I listen to music all the time, but also care about having better sound on the TV than the included, back-facing speakers on the TV setup. Now I am just using my laptop (Lenovo ideapad U450p) or smartphone (Samsung S3) for all sound-- TV, movies, and music-- so my sound experience sucks SUPER BAD. Anything will be an improvement, I'm sure.

If y'all will insist I get a soundbar, is there a reasonably (actually CHEAP) priced option that I could pick up to have a richer sound experience when listening music from pandora on my phone or laptop when back in my bedroom or at work? Again, buying both is not ideal!

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I have different units but have both a soundbar and a portable speaker. They both have their own purpose. My soundbar sounds better for TV/movie viewing and my portable speaker sounds better for streaming music. My recommendation would be to buy whichever you feel you will use more. In time, hopefully you can save up for the other if both would fit your needs.
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