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Help with a new TV - LG 60PM6700, Panny TCP55S60, or LEDs: LG 55LM6200, Sony KDL55HX750

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Hello, I was told by a friend to just ask the avs forum rather than keep pestering him with questions. He's a big plasma fanboy (admittedly) and I honestly can tell enough of a difference to warrant an opinion. So, as this is the Plasma forum, I assume responses will be pro-Plasma, but I'll put it up for discussion.

Anyway, my old TV died a couple weeks ago, and I've been streaming TSN on my iPad, and it's not doing the job. I went and bought a good LG LED 42". Friends eventually told me it's too small and I need to go bigger or I'll regret it. So I did and started looking at the bigger models. Right now I am replacing a 55" TV and have space cleared out, receiver, etc. I mainly use my TV for video games, hockey, soccer, and tennis. Lady watches HGTV, Travel, and Cooking, so they'll look good on any TV! tongue.gif But with Olympic hockey and World Cup next year, I want those sports in particular to look the best. I have been told by everyone under the sun that plasma is better for those things. But I have had no problem watching friends and family's LEDs in terms of blur or blacks looking grey. And I know people have mentioned differences in contrasts on the edges vs centre of Edge-lit LEDs. I haven't been able to tell a difference, but I haven't viewed one for a lengthy period of time. I also know active 3D is better than passive 3D, but haven't experienced either for a lengthy period of time. Basically I want to know if these are things that don't stick out to me immediately, should I just not care, or are these things that historically get noticed over time and drive people crazy.

Anyway, here's the models I'm looking at:

Sony KDL55HX750: ~$960
Pros: Supposedly can work better with my preexisting Sony devices; also can work with my PSP to play those long games on a big screen; comes highly recommended from friends and family; 240Hz
Cons: Edge-lit LED - but not sure if I care; backordered, so who knows when it'll be available; refurbished - but never had problem with Sony factory refurbs

LG 55LM6200: ~$1000
Pros: Comes with six pairs of glasses; available now
Cons: Just doesn't "blow me away" like the Sony, but still looks fantastic; Price doesn't seem as good for what you get.

Panasonic TCP55S60: ~$800
Pros: Great price; Plasma; Friend that recommended me to the site is in love with his Viera
Cons: Lowest MSRP makes me wonder if it's not comparable to the others; heard the on-board smart TV isn't as good as the others (Sony and LG)

LG 60PM6700: ~$1050
Pros: Size and picture quality look fantastic, absolutely fantastic; tiny bezel; Price per feature looks incredible; Tonnes of calibration options; Plasma
Cons: Ever so slightly worse Energy Guide; Concerned it may be 'too big', 55" was already feeling a little cramped in a 12 foot room; Saw a more than a few "dead pixel" reports

Right now I'm pretty much in between the Sony and the LG plasma; Panasonic and LG LED are still there as outside shots. I like that the LG plasma is available now as I've been TV-less for a little bit. I'd like to know how convenient the Sony compatibility is for PSP, PS3, Sony BR player, etc., or if you'll get that with anything. Also, I'm concerned I may buy the LED, I'll catch the plasma >>> LED bug. But I've seen plenty of LCD and had no problems, so I dunno. LED should be a step up regardless.

Thanks a bunch for your help. Also let me know if there's any other options in that price range that I definitively better that I should take a look at. (I was fine with a short-term $400 42-incher, but with a bigger one, I can push to just about $1000) Anyway, I greatly appreciate it smile.gif
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If you're that into video games, I'd stay away from plasma because of the burn-in issue with those stationary score boxes, etc.
In my opinion, Plasma is a superior display for color accuracy, black levels, shadow detail, no motion blur, and FAR better off-axis viewing - but if gaming is your thing, go with a crappy LCD/LED set...

(And I recommend a LCD/LED to you - even though plasmas are FAR better in the 'image retention department' than they were even six or seven years ago, and I own a plasma display myself. But with video gamers, why take the risk?).
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Thanks, I definitely appreciate it. I forgot about that aspect of plasmas. I know back in the day they were notoriously bad with burn in. Definitely another factor for me to keep in mind. I remember falling asleep with TSN on and the score bar being burnt onto my old projection TV. But yeah, I'd heard plasmas are much better these days, but like you say...why take the risk?

I've been browsing thread to try and get more opinions, but anyone else's input is greatly appreciated smile.gif
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