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Problems using with Video Essentials and DLP projectors  

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I have been evaluating various Plus DLP projectors over the past couple of months and when I try to tweak the settings using Video Essentials, I never really get anywhere. For example, the contast and brightness sections in VE seem to be useless. Using the technique(s) described by VE, I cannot seem to find the correct settings with the projector.

Am I doing something wrong or perhaps AVIA is better in this regard?

The projectors are typically connected to my AIW RADEON 7500 equipped HTPC using a standard VGA connection.
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Setting white level using VE is almost impossible as there is no blooming on a digital pj. AVIA is much better in that regard, having a contrast setting pattern that makes it far easier for digital pj owners. I haven't experienced any problems with the brightness pattern on VE. What problems were you having with that particular section?
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(I'm working from memory here, so forgive me if I have the sections mixed up. I don't remember if what I am talking about below is brightness or contrast)

The one when you set the "blacker than black" PLUGE setting. On all of the projectors I have tried, I can never get the black bar to disappear (easily done on my direct-view TV, however). Is this simply a limitation of DLP projectors which aren't known for their stellar blacks?
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I had the same problems adjusting brightness/contrast on the PLUS units(1100/1130) I used to own as well. On my UP-1100, with th PLUDGE test pattern, I couldn't see the darker bar at all even when I had the brightness turned all the way up. I noticed a difference in the way the image looks on a PLUS projector compared to Infocus, Davis and others. It's not neccessarily worse, just different(smoother, less digital looking on the UP-1100). On those units, I ended up adjusting the brightness to the point where it would drastically change when you moved it one degree up and the contrast a little less than the upward difference of the brightness. But all this really depends on the amount of light in your room, the color of your walls and other reflections that would otherwise change the brightness/contrast values of your projector.
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That is essentially what I did, but I still felt it wasn't quite right. I guess I might have to breakdown and get AVIA if it will help.
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