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Getting "True" Dolby Digital in PC games?

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Hi all,

A quick question: Can I get true 5.1DD through PC optical out for games that supports it (log in the intro)? without the use of DDL.

I tried hooking the optical cable to the onboard Realtek HD Audio and hooking the other end to my avr (Denon 2805)
I tried hooking the same with creative soundblaster x-fi Surround 5.1 Audio System to the same avr

I manged to get DD via both setups in films and clips but not with games. The only way I manged to lightup that DD prompt in avr when playing game is by enabling DDL.

So is there actually a way to get DD for games without DDL?

NOTE: How would enabling DDL affect content (mainly movies) that already supports native/true 5.1DD?

Thanks a lot.
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No, you need DDL to get multichannel sound via S/PDIF when gaming. DDL is DD that's encoded on-the-fly when playing games, so you're basically asking if there's a way to convert audio to DD without converting said audio to DD.

Its been a while since Ive used it, but as I recall Windows will 'see' your DDL sound card as an analog multichannel device, and the device will encode the audio to DDL and output it via S/PDIF. This means when watching movies, etc the pure DD/DTS track will be decoded to PCM, send to your sound card where it is then re-encoded to DD, and then decoded again in your receiver. This subjects it to needless lossy compression.

I think you should be able to set the config in whatever media player you are using to use your Digital Out on your PC, and use the DDL device as your Primary Audio Device for gaming. This way when a media player plays a file with a DD/DTS track it will be output directly to your receiver.
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Thank you Osirus for the reply. I think for movies it's clear to me what is needed to do. However, for games I'm still a bit confused. There are games that advertise they are providing DD so why there is a need to encode it via DDL? If the game didnt advertise it has DD then using DDL makes sense but this isn't the case I'm asking about.

Thanks again
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A lot of games advertise Dolby Digital, but it usually just for pre-rendered video scenes (World of Warcraft comes to mind) so the audio for those movies is compressed as AC3 (Dolby Digital).

Actual in game audio is dynamic (obviously) so its impossible to include a pre-encoded Dolby Digital track for it.
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