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Considering TV upgrade, could use some advice

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Hi everyone, hope you're having a good weekend. I'm in the 'research' period of potentially upgrading my current tv. I actually really enjoy the TV I have now, but wanted to check out some new sets and possibly move the current one into my bedroom. I currently have a Samsung HL67A750, which has been pretty rock solid with the exception of the fan errors that I've had to address here and there.

My main reason for upgrading is I want something that is:
- A bit brighter, more crisp and has more of a 'pop' to the image (if that makes sense)
- Something that really makes gaming/HTPC/HD feeds shine. I'm a game developer so I'll be getting all the next gen consoles and I love my blu rays.
- Same relative screen size (67") or a tad bit bigger (no more than 75"). Would prefer now to go down in size unless there's something amazing I'm missing out by losing a couple inches.
- Preferably below 3K

I feel like the DLP LED sometimes lacks some of the 'pop' I'm seeing with some of the newer sets out there.

I'm not interested in:
- 4K sets, since this is pretty pointless to me right now and way out of my price range.

Things that are nice, but on the fence about:
- Wifi/Smart tv features, nice but not neccessary.
- 3D would be a bonus, but only if it's easy to setup - again though, not neccessary. The Samsung I have now is 3d ready, but I've yet to use it, primarily because I haven't looked into it too much and it was one of the first gen 3d tv's (I think) so I assumed the quality wouldn't be too amazing. Still, I'm not opposed to 3D if it looks great.

So far, I'm going based off amazon reviews. These are the sets I've found that are more recent and seem to be pretty solid. Thoughts, issues, suggestions or models I'm missing out on would be greatly appreciated!

Sharp LC-70LE857U 70-inch
Samsung UN65F7100 65 inch
Sony KDL-70R550A 70-Inch

These are more than I want to spend, but still intrigued by the high reviews. If I save up more, they become a reality, but not sure if it's worth the price premium. The 65 inch version of the Samsung UN75F7100 below falls into that 'would be willing to sacrifice a couple inches if the quality was worth it'.
Samsung UN75F6400 75-Inch
Samsung UN75F7100 75 inch
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All the sets that you listed are all "smart", and offer 3D capabilities. If your max screen size delta is 75 inches, pop for the Samsung 7100. Gaming lag is pretty low. Check this thread:

The only downside is that the screen is somewhat reflective.
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Cool, thanks. The 7100 is appealing although pricey. Researching further I think I narrowed it down to the Samsung or Sony at this point. How does the 6500 compare to the 7100 pq wise? From reviews it sounded pretty darn close for quite a bit of cost savings.

If I sprung for the 7100 I'd probably need to go down from my current 67 inch to 65 inch, to keep it in budget. I could probably stretch the budget the for the 6400 and gain some screen space.

Not sure if I'd be regretting losing 2 inches if I reduced the size! Main difference I gathered from the 7100 vs the 6400 was the screen surface type and some of the local dithering tech.

How do the Samsung do with ghosting, specifically with gaming?
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So I'm at the best buy. Obviously hard to judge since they won't let me mess with the settings on these looping demo units and I know they try to crank up the quality on the higher end models. If I go 7100 I'd have to go from my current 67 inch to 65. Stick with the 6400 and I can increase from my current size to 75 inch.

I can't get a good read on the image quality here. I couldn't care less about fancy voice or hand gestures. Just want goo image quality. Main difference I'm noticing on the 7100 is a bit more of a pop to the image. Can't determine if this is brightness or the screen material.

The BB guy said the advantage of the 7100 is the 240 hz setting. I generally hate the soap opera effect so not sure if this is something I really care about.

Is there anything else I'm really missing that warrants the big cost difference between the 6400 and 7100 or are they pretty darn close in terms of PQ? Either way, both sets look great compared to my current DLP.
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Well they said they'd offer me the 7100 for 400 less than their sticker. So that would be the 75 incher. Not bad I guess although with tax it's still about a 720 dollar difference compared to buying the 6400 online with no tax.
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Originally Posted by cstrasz View Post

Well they said they'd offer me the 7100 for 400 less than their sticker. So that would be the 75 incher. Not bad I guess although with tax it's still about a 720 dollar difference compared to buying the 6400 online with no tax.

I was at the Mag store in Pittsburgh this afternoon, and looked at the 65 inch 4K Sony. It was nice, but I could see the televisions in back of me reflected off the screen. I also took a quick look at the Sony KDL-70R550A, and messed around with the picture settings of the 720p store feed, and managed to get it to look better than the dynamic mode (read showroom) it was in before playing around with the settings. Seems like your budget is all over the place - do you have a figure or a range of dollars you're willing to spend?
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Yeah it is a bit over the place heh. Ideally, I'd like to stay sub 3k but I'd be willing to go 4k if the premium is worth it. I tend to splurge a bit extra if I know I'll be happy in the end.

Definitely 4k is the top end for me though and don't won't go higher than that. This will be a set that will hold me over for several years until 4k content is more readily available and I'll be selling the Samsung I currently have to make up a tiny bit of difference.
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Too many k's in that last email. Hopefully, it made sense when I was referring price vs content. smile.gif
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i was also looking at the Samsung UN65F7100 vs the Sharp LC-70LE857- i just got the samsung 3 days ago- i care more about refresh rates and fast moving sports like Ice Hockey than anything else. So i would say the picture quality and everything else about this tv is great, EXCEPT the refresh rate. Its pretty awful and i have tried tweaking settings. I have read so much about so many aspects of so many tv's. and one thing i just cant seem to find is a real helpful review about fast moving sports on any of these TV's. If anyone can help it would be most appreciated, but i think this set is going back because its sub par at best for sports.
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