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How do I get XBMC to do IVTC? (inverse telecine)

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I have a bunch of 1080i 29.97hz content that needs inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown removal) to play back properly at its original framerate of 23.98. Using MadVR with MPC-HC, I simply select "film mode" under deinterlacing options and this content plays back flawlessly. In XBMC, I have changed all the options from deinterlace auto/on/off, pulldown on and off in AMD CCC (I have a 5450), and no matter what I do I can't get these files to play back smoothly. There are hitches in the video and frames that stutter every couple of seconds. Does anyone know how I can get XBMC to play these properly? I also have this same problem using WMC or any other video renderer besides MadVR with film mode forced on.
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If you enable DXVA2 deinterlacing ON, then the driver does IVTC (unless it fails to detect the correct deinterlacing mode). But there is no way for the player to know what deinterlacing mode is applied (video mode or film mode), hence it keeps the refresh rate 60Hz, that results in 3:2 pulldown judder.

If you don't use DXVA2 deinterlacing, perhaps the situation is hopeless. smile.gif
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Hmm, not sure I understand what you're saying. I'm not getting pulldown judder, I'm getting a severely messed up picture. Frames will flicker or motion will be incredibly choppy, like it's running at 5 fps at times (although it's not, it just looks that way). The framerate will hop from 23.98 to 48+, other videos it will just play at a consistent 30-35 fps. I use DXVA2 deinterlacing in XBMC (vector adaptive) but it does not properly detect the film cadence and play smoothly. The only way to get it to work (and it works flawlessly) is to use MadVR with film mode forced. I don't want to have to use MPC-HC only for 1080i videos though, if avoidable.
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Will you post a short clip of such files? I would like to test it myself.
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Another thing I found odd is that film mode 3:2 cadence only works with LAV video filter according to MadVR OSD and my eyes confirm that as well. With Microsoft or internal mpeg2 MPC-HC codec it is not activated. I haven't tried ffdshow so I don't know if that works. I'll post some clips later today or tomorrow. For now until I can get this figured out (or if there is no solution) I have XBMC set to launch all 1080i .ts files with MPC-HC, and to use the internal player for everything else.
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You could config XBMC to use MPC-HC as an external player. Since you already have it working, seems like the easy solution to me.
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Ya, only problem is that with film mode forced some 1080i videos that are not 23.98 don't play back correctly either, and have interlacing artifacts or stutter. Now I know why most people just get a cable box. cool.gif Fix one problem find another. frown.gif
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