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BenQ W1070 -vs- Optoma HD81-LV

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It looks like my Optoma HD81-LV is experiencing the death by blue screens (documented here), and thus it's time for a new projector. Good riddance. Like many on that thread, it's my 6th Optoma in 3 years.

After a bit of research here, it seems like the BenQ W1070 is favored by many... and it seems pretty similar from a specs standpoint. The BenQ has 2000 lumens where as my HD81-LV has 2500, but otherwise they have same contrast (10k:1). The BenQ has 3D, though I'll never use that. So, aside from the 500 lumens, what am I going to miss?

I know very little bit about projectors, but the W1070 seems much less expensive; I paid ~$2500 for my Optoma in 2010. Did stuff get cheaper? Or, will I be disappointed?
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You haven't given us enough info to make a recommendation...

Depends what your primary use is, for movies a B-STOCK JVC RS-46 is better IMO, but these cost around $2000 I believe.
If you want to stick with a DLP, the w1070 is a decent choice, but it depends what you are going for. The Sharp XVZ-30000 will have better contrast and better 3D (albeit not as bright), so also depends on your screen size and placement flexibility.

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Thanks. It's in a darkened theater room, used for movies, occasional TV, and rare gaming. I'm not sure what the screen size or distance is, but I think 100" and 14ft.

Is three years an average life span for projectors? I didn't expect to replace one so soon, which is why a cheaper one is more appealing.

How would you suggest I compare the Jvc and benq? Buy both, and return one?
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If this is mainly for movies, well I can tell you that as long as you get a good JVC sample, then there is really no comparison overall, you will like the JVC better I think.

I would give AVS a call (Sponsor of this forum), send Mike@AVScience.com an email first and find out what B-Stocks or Refurbs they have in-stock for a JVC.

For movies, the JVC > others I have seen (and I've seen a lot)...

Sometimes AVS had some B-Stock HD-250's in around $1300 I believe, that is a heck of a projector for that price, and still comes with 2-year MFR warranty.

If you buy a newer JVC, like the RS-46, I would think you might get 5 years out of the unit, heck maybe 10, just depends partly on luck and stats. There is no exact number of how long a projector can last, though DLP's do tend to last longer sometimes (but not always).
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I can tell you right now the w1070 will not throw 100" at 14ft. It'll be closer to 9 or 10ft. I agree that you should look at the JVCs if you can swing it.
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Ah shoot; I just measured the projector space. Looks like the RS-46 won't fit :-(

It's a 16.25Wx17D shelf box, and it's not quite feasible to expand. The throw distance is 14.5' (+/- 6", hard for me to measure), and the screen is 80" x 45.5", which is 92" diag if my trig knowledge serves me right.

Playing around with a throw calculator, I now understand what you mean about not throwing. It looks like the BenQ W7000 (which does seem to be able to throw) is a tad too wide for the box...

Ugh. Any other recommendations?
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The new Optoma HD25 or HD25-LV would seem like natural choices, given your previous projector.
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