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Hiroshima 3D - Interested?

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Hello fellow 3D enthusiast, for those of you that don't know I am an American living in Japan and have been here 13 years now. I love this country, the people and culture and enjoy learning more about it's history.
Last year, my wife and I visited Hiroshima to see the atomic bomb site and museum. Never before have I ever felt so emotional and sad as I witnessed the horrors the atomic bomb did to the city and it's people. It truly was an amazing place and I learned so much and gained a different outlook on life and humanity.
The museum park is massive and very beautiful in summer.

Inside the museum you can view items that were exposed in the atomic blast, learn about atomic history and watch stories about survivors and the affects of radiation.

Ever since I left there something is calling me back... I think of it daily, the sadness and horror those poor people faced. I really want others to learn about it and understand what the bomb did to this country and people.
I get 3 weeks off in August and my goal is to go film the park and museum in 3D, I have all the gear to get amazing video footage. My gear includes a JVC GY-HMZ1U ProHD 3D recorder, a base extender to get amazing depth shots, Sony HMZ-T2 connected to a battery pack which I wear and view all video I am filming in real time as to make sure it is 100% perfect and in the best 3D possible, macro lens adapter to get close up shots of small objects that were in the blast such as watches, wallets, pens and all...

Also have a quadcopter with the Zenmuse gimble and GoPro Hero 3 attached filming at 2.7k to get amazing super highquality aerial video footage which I convert to 3D.

My plan is to stay 5 days making sure I can film everything perfectly, and also hit Miyajima which is one of the crown jewels of Japan and is a world heritage site.

If I go, I will be filming aerial footage early mornings and have permission already to do so as long as it's early. Luckily in summer it gets daylight at around 5:30am and I wake always at 4am anyways! I will be flying over the atomic bomb dome getting some amazing aerial footage of it and the rest of the park.

The film will discuss the atomic bomb showing actual footage converted to 3D, tell stories of survivors, show the affects of radiation, and show the beauty of the park.

So guys, this is my plan but before I pack and get more prepared I wanted to ask... Who would be interested in such a 3D movie? I know it is a serious topic but this movie will give people that have never seen the atomic site a chance to view it all in 3D and learn about it.

I will be using $600 of my own cash to film this movie, that includes my flight there, hotel, food and transportation plus enterance fees and anything else I may need. I sold one of my RC gliders to get the cash to do this sadly, but I feel it's every bit worth it to show others the history of Hiroshima. However, if you'd like to help me out with this project and donate some money "every little bit helps" you may do so. Anyone who donates will get a discount off the movie once it's out and a high donation I'll also include the Miyajima movie I make and a few others.
I'f you'd like to help and dontate drop me a PM

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Small sample of the quality aerial video footage I can get.
And that was just fooling around at the park, I can achieve much better.
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Not a single person interested in watching a 3D movie about Hiroshima hmm?eek.gif
Come on guys, if you would like to see a 3D movie about it just post a reply with YES below. The more replies below then I know I'd be safe to film.
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Thanks for posting this, Bravia3D.


I'm more of a "movie guy" than a documentary fan. But I must say it's amazing what some people can do with tech these days!


Your photos above definitely show potential. And your video test reminds me a little of some travelogue shows on PBS, esp. the "Visions of..." series (e.g. "Visions of Germany Along the Rhine", "Visions of Ireland", etc.). Those were pretty well-produced imo, and might perhaps be something to look at for ideas/inspiration on how to approach your subject (or not).


Not sure AVS is the best place to reach your potential audience, but if the material is well-edited and put together, I suspect there'd be interest by some quarters in a project like this. If you're just lookin for votes, you've got mine. I say move forward.

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Yeah I would definately be interested in that.
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I'd be interested as well.
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Cool thanks guys
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Hiroshima is an area of Japan where some of the best Koi Carp Breeders are located as well as being infamous for the WW2 bomb so if you happen to come across a pond or lake full of Beautiful Koi whilst you are filming, perhaps you could consider including a bit of footage in your movie? Koi are very much a part of the Japanese culture.
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Sure, we have them all over Japan. I see them almost daily.
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Sounds like a great idea to me, I am very interested.
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Thanks, hopefully I leave out August 14th to go film:D
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I would be interested wink.gif
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Also interested. Have been to the Hiroshima site and understand well the expressed emotions. Since today is the 14th, is the project a go? By the way I was in Kagoshima at the end of last month. Had fun experiencing the hot sand bath on the beach and taking in the area's "Samurai Village" with its unique Japanese Gardens. Captured what I saw in 3D on my Sony HD10. Hopefully, someday I'll have the time and resources to edit and create a 3D DVD as you have with my multiple travel footage over the past few years.
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Just got back from filming Hiroshima, dang was it hot. Most days were in the 100's there!:ohnoes:
I filmed the Peace Park and everything there and then filmed the inside of the museum. The inside was quite hard due to most things are photos and text inside. Plus the numerous amount of people was crazy. I had to settle for mostly 3D pictures and a bit of video, but think I got enough.
I then filmed Miyajima and used my quadcopter to get some aerial video as well. I climbed all the way up Mt. Misen with a big suitcase carrying my 3D gear and quad, damn that was hard! I walked 2km up in 100 degree weather with a 2lb backpack and the suitcase. People thought I was nuts carrying all that but I needed it to get good video.

The last day I filmed a beautiful park and used my macro lens to get some nice shots of bugs, flowers and then shot some koi fish.

Going to take a few months to go through all the footage, edit and put a movie together but well worth it.cool.gif
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I'm interested. Based on your website, I'm assuming you know all about getting releases of people and private property owners when you film. Kickstarter.com is a place to raise money for projects, and there are lots of other sites, just search.

Can you show us some 3D footage. You can set that up through Youtube.

Also, try the 3D Source thread for 3D videographers--they lurk there mostly to tinker with 3D video workflow software.
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Originally Posted by bravia3D View Post

The last day I filmed a beautiful park and used my macro lens to get some nice shots of bugs, flowers and then shot some koi fish.

Going to take a few months to go through all the footage, edit and put a movie together but well worth it.cool.gif

Excellent! Look forward to see the movie and the Koi!
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Bravia3D, great to here about the Hiroshima shoot. I symphasize about the 2lb backpack and suitcase to carry video gear in high temperatures. It isn't fun. I'm interested in seeing your Hiroshima film! Today is the last day of the Appalachian Fair in Gray,TN and the Irwin Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol,TN. Last night was the Food City 250. I'll post some videos of the Appalachian Fair on my youtube channel PaulGT which has some Appalachian Fair footage uploaded, but none are 3D because I don't have a 3D camera.
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Sounds great PGT, yes was very hot but hope the 3D footage I got was all worth it.

I'll try to post a bit of footage on Youtube when I can. But first I gotta watch all my footage and delete the bad scenes and then upload all the good footage to a harddrive and begin to edit.
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Hello just saw this thread and I would also love to see your movie. Nice idea if you can post a sample on youtube ... that way we can stream directly on our 3dTV.

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I'm going back to Hiroshima soon to film some more aerial shots and then I could post some Youtube videos showing samples.
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I'd be interested.

I was just did a google image search Hiroshima and the effects of the bomb. Took about 40 minutes to pick my jaw off the floor. I guess i had completely forgotten how massive the destruction was, because i thought i had learned all about it in school.
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Here is a little taste of just the aerial footage I got for my movie, it is 2D for now but will be 3D in the movie.

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That's quite eerie seeing the Domed building in the Black & White footage then seeing it in a modern context. Hiroshima looks like a very tranquil place now but it must of been Hell on Earth in the 40's!
I see you are quite good at flying your Phantom. My Brother In Law has one. Pretty good aren't they?
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Yes they are very good, I got a few of them and use them for filming.
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