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Posted this on the main flatscreen forums but figure I may get better responses related to gaming on here.

I currently have a Samsung 67" DLP LED set. It's a great set, but I'm getting the itch to upgrade. I'm always wowed by how much brighter some of the tvs I see in stores are since I got this set back in 2008. I'd really like something that just pops more and is vibrant and crisp. I enjoy the Samsung I currently have, no doubt, but seeing if I should upgrade and potentially sell this set or move it into my bedroom.

Things I'd like:
- Good response time for gaming. I'm not a competitive gamer but I do play some online games, FPSes and other titles. Both of these seem to have sub 40ms input lag which I assume is good enough? I couldn't dig up any input lag times on my current Samsung but if I had the same response time I'd be plenty happy.
- No ghosting. I heard the Samsung has potential ghosting/motion blur issues with games and fast images, but this was a comment in another thread. Not sure if that's the case?
- Excellent picture quality, especially when hooked up to consoles and HTPC. I have a nice rig for gaming and would like to take advantage of that.

Would be nice, but not required:
- Easy to use 3D that is well done. I have the nvidia GTX 680, so not sure if I can leverage that in any way on the set. Would also like to use the 3D for movies and broadcasting where available. I run some 3d games on my home desktop using the same card. But not sure what I'd need for tv 3d.

Things I don't care about:
- Smart apps/hulu/netflix etc. I have my consoles for that. If it has it, great, but it's not a feature I'm looking for.
- Audio quality.

Any input on these models? I haven't looked at Plasmas at all, so not sure if I'm ruling anything out. I hear the Sharp Aquos LCDs are pretty nice as well, but some of the reviews mentioned it coming across as flatter in the display and not popping as much.