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Need some help!!

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So i have a mitsubishi XD206U, and i got my playstation hookedup via rca (yellow thats the only rca port it has) and now for the sound it has 2 3.5mm audio ports, 1 audio in, one audio out, so i think i need a cord like a 3.5mm to rca for the audio in, but aduio out i want to connect to my computer speakers, a set of boston accoustics 5.1 systyem ill opost pics of both as that may help... thansk again

Here is the photobucket album with all the pics of my equipment so if you could help id really apprecitate it!!
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It's kind of hard to follow what your asking about, but if you have a local Radio Shack, go and talk person to person and explain what your looking for. They sell just about any kind of adapter you might need.
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