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"Harmony Smart Control" Direct IR options

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I just ordered a Harmony Smart Control system to work with my Directv/Vizio/Denon/PS3 setup.


Since all of my devices (except the TV) are all in a media closet behind the TV, and the remote does not support IR, what are my options for controlling the TV?


Unless you guys have other options, here are my best two options as I understand it:


  1. Place the IR blaster hub in front of the TV
    ...and run a very long 3.5mm stereo male-to-male patch cord from the IR hub through the wall and into my media closet. Then attach a 3 way splitter onto the IR/Audio cord in order to to run the signal into the IR ports of each of my devices (Directv HR34, Denon AVR-591). What about PS3?

  2. Place the IR blaster hub in the media closet
    This will require me to run a 25' stereo patch cord (male to male 3.5mm) from the blaster, through the wall and down to my TV. However, since my TV does not have an IR input port (it only has the line of sight IR window on the front of the set), I'd then need to somehow patch an IR emitter inline with the stereo cord. Correct? Does such a thing exist for the Harmony system?


For option 1 or 2, any suggestions for patch cords and/or splitters?

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I would suggest putting the smart control hub in the media closet. This way if you add devices it is easy to integrate to the hub. Then run an IR blaster/emitter to the TV. I have done this very thing, except to my projector. I purchased a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor ($3) or 2.5mm to 3.5mm 2-way splitter ($5), a 50' 3.5mm stereo extension cable ($5), and a 3.5mm IR emitter (had it on hand from my previous harmony 890.) I just plugged the adaptor into the smart control hub, run the extension cable to my projector in the ceiling, and plugged in my IR emitter. This didn't require any splicing. If you wanted to, you could splice/solder your connections and tape them with electrical tape. I didn't do this because I have easy access into my ceiling if I ever need to troubleshoot the cable or connection. If you are burying the cable in a wall I would suggest cutting the ends off of the extension cable and soldering the IR emitter to the cable.
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Thanks for the tips. Very helpful information.

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No problem.

By the way, the prices I listed are just items I bought off of some eBay seller. I can usually find a US-based ebay seller that will ship the adaptors priority mail which is 2-3 day delivery.
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I got everything through Amazon. The adapters were free ship "add-on" items as part of a larger order I needed (DLP Bulb for an old Sammy)


Thanks again for the help! Looking forward to getting my remote tomorrow.

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