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Best Android > Universal remote apps/systems?

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I think I'm done with standard remotes. My first real programmable remote was the Harmony 360 remote which was awesome, but after 4 years several buttons no longer worked and neither did the various fixes. Went to the Monster AVL-300 which was also quite good, although bulkier and clumsier than the Harmony, but it only lasted one year before crucial buttons stopped working. Next up was the URC R-50, which was supposed to be very rugged and reliable. It was an enormous pain to program without a PC interface, but I eventually had everything working right, but it also lasted just one year and now the screen is dead.

So I think I'm done. These things are too fragile and unreliable and I hate the artificial limitations put on them. So I think it's time for a smartphone app, no buttons to break, control whatever I want, etc.

I would prefer something open source that people are always working on, making skins and plugins for, etc. Definitely prefer programming on the PC to doing it on the remote/phone itself, but would prefer not to have to connect to the web interface of a company that will vanish. No artificial limitations like only 8 devices or whatever. I'd love something with variables, that remembers power states, etc. Working with something like USB-UIRT would be great, otherwise I'd definitely prefer third party IR transmitters to some proprietary thing. I need either activity-based or something like the URC where I can basically set up "devices" to act as activities -- i.e. a "device" called "xbmc on projector" where the transport buttons control xbmc, the volume buttons control my receiver, and various other buttons control the projector, hdmi switcher, etc.

There are a lot out there like irule, Djit, irdroid, androidlirc or whatever, etc. Who prefers what? I'm currently researching but would like to get the latest opinions here.
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This one looks promising with an itach: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=MHill.mbhRemote&hl=en

Unlimited remotes, unlimited macros. No variables, though. I definitely like that it doesn't need a server app running on the PC. Sends commands directly to itach.

Unified Remote sounds good as well, includes variables. No official itach support and requires server app on PC. I assume with Ghost or AHK or something one could have its commands sent to itach. http://www.unifiedremote.com/

OpenRemote also sounds promising, but requires a server app. Not sure about variables, need to get in deeper to documentation.
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It seems like maybe nothing does everything I want. mbhremote is probably closest, but setup is a bit clumsy since it's all on the phone, no variables, and the layouts are pretty ugly. Still, functionally it does about everything I'd want, and sends commands directly without needing a server app.

OpenRemote is great, deep, with total customizability of the look and layout, but no variables and it requires a server app on the PC.

Both of these require a third-party utility of some sort on the PC to translate TCP commands into keystrokes etc if you want to control your computer as well as your other IR devices.
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So... which one would be better for a Samsung tab2? For $10, mbhRemote seems like it would be worth a try.
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I've settled on Reymote. $11. I have it doing pretty much what I want. IP commands to control itach; HTTP commands to send messages to a small free app called MCE Controller on my PC -- that app then converts the HTTP commands to Windows commands and keystrokes.
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