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Pioneer SP-PK52FS or Onkyo HT-S6500?

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I'm on a budget of roughly $800-$1000 and am wondering what the best home theater system I could get with such funds is. I am not one of those Apple-loving Airplay geeks or an internet radio streamer. I'm an aspiring audiophile with traditional tastes such as buying physical CDs and a love of faithful sound reproduction. What do I want in my system? The closest possible sound reproduction to my music's original recording. I want a 5.1 system because besides listening to music, I want to use it for movies as well and some of my music is DVD-Audio with 5.1 surround. I listen to primarily soundtrack (film score). Are the Pioneer SP-PK52FS or Onkyo HT-S6500 good options? If so, which one should I get? If the Pioneer, which receiver should I get to maintain sound quality? Is Cnet biased and are there better options out there by other brands?

Thanks in advance.
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The Pioneer speakers are definitely better than the Onkyo speakers. Honestly those Onkyo speakers are not very good at all and have a low sensitivity...81db for the fronts and center, 79db for the surrounds.

If you happen to have a Fry's nearby the Pioneer towers are $77 each and a the BS22 bookshelf speakers are $77/pair.
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Thanks for your advice. That is a sweet deal, I'll definitely be taking a trip to Fry's soon. What do you recommend as a receiver? I've looked at Pioneer but I've also looked at Denon. I'm also going to buy one of the underground PS1 "audiophile" systems as a CD player. Good ideas or not?
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I have no idea what an underground PS1 system is....

While you're at Fry's check the Denon, Yamaha and Pioneers on clearance or on sale. They have several good deals.
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How much power will I need to avoid distortion and maintain the sound quality? What wattage should I look for per channel? And I have no idea how to buy speaker cables. What should I buy for those? Is there any difference between the brands?
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That depends on the size of your room, whether you have a subwoofer or not, and how loud you plan to play your system.

Get all your HDMI, optical, subwoofer and speaker cables and connectors from Monoprice. Outstanding quality for very low prices.




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Thanks for the replies. Last (maybe?) question: this system is going to be used for music, as well. I don't think I'm going to get very good quality by listening to CDs through my Blu-ray, so do I need a DAC for it? Should I dump my Blu-ray as a CD player and stick with my PS1? Do I need a DAC for my PS1? Or should I get a dedicated CD player with or without a DAC?
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you can get very good sound quality listening to CD's thru blu ray. Are you connecting the player analog or digital connection?
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I use HDMI which is digital, correct? It's a Panasonic DMP-BDT320.
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I have the Panasonic 220 and it plays CD's just fine. You could use the optical output just for your CD's or even the two channel analog output using the Panasonic's built in DAC.

Check out all the options and see which sounds best to you.
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If I connect via optical to my receiver, will I need to unplug my HDMI? Or can I wire it to a different input on the receiver to designate it for CDs?
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Wire it to different input on the receiver to designate it for CD's.
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Perfect. Thanks a bunch.
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