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My Small Apartment Rack Build

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Living in a tiny apartment is not easy. Wanting a home theater makes it even tougher. The living room is the only place in this apartment that I can set up a flat screen etc. I've always wanted a built-in rack. Not having one wall I could use to carve out a space I had to go to the next best thing, taking up closet space.


Opposite of my flat screen there is a double closet. The plan turned into taking the left side and build a rack. Here are some pics on what I've done so far.


Today I added a Coolerguys double cooling fan to the top and the rest of the molding.


I still need to add a bit more finish molding and some paint.

Today I realized that the reflection may be an issue because of my TV being opposite of the rack. I'm hoping it's not as it might be. smile.gif

The other issue is no access to the back. I had no choice. You think a swivel out shelf system might be a good idea for at least the AVR?
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Started putting the system back together. I still need to tweak a few things and finish some paint but pretty much done.

I am a bit concerned about the shelf pins on the AVR. They're 5MM pins and say they'll hold 35 pounds but one of them seems to be stressing. Anybody have a better safer idea for the AVR or am I getting too OCD?
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Looks Great!
I like the way it matches the look of the closet that you started with. Does the bottom part of the original door open? or is it more of a paneling kind of thing...?
I too, was worried about putting my Onkyo 48 lb receiver on a shelf resting on pins, so I opted to put mine on the bottom shelf of my custom built rack...
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Thanks, Kevin! The bottom doors are permant for now. I was planning on making them open but when I cut them down the place I had to cut is hollow and I didn't feel like figuring out how to cap it. It's still accessible inside the closet. I put my sub in there. I still haven't set up the sound in the room yet so I don't know how the sub is going to react in there.

The biggest pain to all this (I was warned) is the wiring. I had a plan though so while there was a lot swearing and wanting to punch things smile.gif I got it done. Not so bad really

I need to secure the AVR a little better just to keep peace of mind. It's probably fine as is but a well placed shelf support underneath will be pretty easy to install. I thought about lowering it to the bottom but I built this rack so it could be eye level.
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