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Harmony ultimate vs roomie (Does Harmony ultimate support IP devices?)

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I am new to universal remotes and macros.

I am building a house and will have a media room and extensive AV components. I was thinking of an easy to use universal remote. The roomie software which works with iphone or ipad sounded like a good option, but I need hard buttons.

I read here in the Harmony ultimate thread that it can do wifi control. So, is it like the roomie in that sense. As in, if I get a list of IP devices that can be controlled via wifi, can I control those units without the need for the hub?

My AV components will be in another room, so I would typically need an RF remote and not IR. However then I assume I need to have the hub placed at the line of sight? I'd rather it be wifi controlled such that I don't need a hub or direct line of sight to any of the devices (Is this how wifi controllable IP devices function?????....I am new to this and may be utterly wrong with my understanding) .

I am basically looking for a roomie with hard buttons, could the Harmony Ultimate function as one.

Also, is there a list of IP controllable list for the Harmony ultimate remote.

Can the RF hub be hid behind a TV?

Thank you!

P.S: reading up further, it looks like this remote does not control ip devices or that matter rf devices either. It looks like the remote communicates to a hub vis RF and the hub communicates to individual devices via IR.

My question is my media room will have a screen and speakers and all the av components will be in the adjacent room. Can the harmony RF system/ hub be placed in front of the AV rack in the adjacent room and have that control all my IR devices. One RF hub in another room controlling many IR devices?... Does there have to be anything other than the remote that have to be in the media room?
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Your last two paragraphs are correct. One hub (and possibly a few blasters) in the room with your rack, nothing in the media room except the remote.
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Watch out for range issues
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Harmony has no IP control. None. Except a Hue light or whatever. 1 device. It can't even be setup via IP.

Roomie supports hundreds or thousands of IP controlled things, more are added all the time, you can easily make whole home theaters from their lists without even using IR. IR control has many options, many different devices at various price points and all of them can be combined at once across many rooms with no device limits, all operating in concert and easy to program.

The Harmony Ultimate meanwhile is a sad repackage of last year's Link. You need to install Microsoft Silverlight just to get it on your network. The Hub itself a USB device, so you first have to connect it to your computer, install a ton of MSFT bloat you would never actually want to install like Flash, do a bunch of stuff on your desktop computer to configure it via a slow and very dated website/application hybrid that runs terribly on Windows and is a complete abortion on the Mac, and finally if you get lucky and the device actually gets on to your Wi-Fi network, you get a very limited remote that only handles IR in one room and a PS3 and has a device limit which they bumped up this year from 8 last year but is still just a joke, and feels very 1999 Harmony where you are walking pieces of your system between a desktop computer and your home theater constantly when you change things.

I think the better question for you may be to ask the Roomie people to interface with a button remote. Save yourself the pain and suffering of going backwards in time with a Harmony hub which is basically the same as what they released last year that was reviewed so poorly that they very nearly got spun out to die. The Link was just mildly enhanced by the demoralized team that spent most of that time thinking they were all either getting laid off or sold off and renamed it the Ultimate/Hub.
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Thank you for all the replies. I understand this remote a lot better now. I wish there is a IP remote with hard buttons to control IP enabled devices, but it looks like such a thing doesn't exist. In the mean time roomie is so inexpensive, I will try that first and if it doesn't work so well, will try one of the Logitech or something else.
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