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Kenwood KVT-614 DVD Receiver Troubles

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Hey Guys,

So I have a 2009 Toyota Venza into which I installed a Kenwood KVT-614 DVD Receiver, Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS Unit and Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth Unit. I also had all of the stock speakers replaced.

So now it's 4 years after the initial purchase and I'm having some issues with both the Head Unit and the BT Unit.

1) KVT-614 DVD Receiver - though it sounds great through all of the various inputs I use on it, It has a recent tendency to jump from one radio station to another (randomly and without
input from me), it'll jump from one track to another while listening to a CD (not caused by any road imperfections, this is an internal electrical problem) and it'll also jump from one input to
another (IE: from the FM Tuner to the USB). Again all of these occurrences are "Phantom actions" and take place randomly without any action by me. I have successfully updated the
software in this HU, but the problems still persist.

2) KCA-BT200 Bluetooth Unit - Every couple of months or so, the BT will lose all connection with my phone (iPhone 3GS) without provocation. I've been disconnecting the negative battery
cable for a few minutes, then reconnecting and bada-bing, bada-boom everything works fine again... for two or three months. This is getting to be a pain in the ass.

So, I can take it to my local installer (who is also receiving this in an email) which'll tie up my vehicle for at least 1/2 day. And that's only if I'm lucky enough to get a Saturday appointment.
If the unit(s) needed to come out and be sent to Kenwood for repairs, well that's a day each for the removal and reinstallation upon receipt of the repaired unit(s) Cha Ching! And, I'd need a rentals car from both days during this process. It's almost not worth it.

$100 - $150 for the rental car (2 days)
$150 - $250 for the removal and replacement of the repaired head unit
$??? for the repairs to the head unit (+shipping)

I'd say I'm looking at $350 - $500 if the HU has come out of the vehicle and be sent out for repairs. Not a very attractive proposition if that's the way I had to go and chances are, Id reluctantly consider replacing the unit(s) altogether... with another brand.

Do any of you guys have any experience with these problems and/or any suggestions?

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I wrote to Kenwood and the installer last night.
Hopefully I can get some good(cost effective) options. If not, I see a new Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH in my future
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Sounds like something may be going bad. And in the end, just getting a new unit will be more cost effective.

If Kenwood is like Alpine, there is probably a simple fee to get it repaired. I think Alpine is like 125 bucks.

My fear in your situation is you get it sent out and it comes back fixed and 6 month later something else goes bad. Then its do it all over again.

Get the pioneer and save yourself the money. It should be minimal in install fees. heck, Best buy could do it if the installer is that busy/expensive.
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Thanks Dude,

I was already 99% there, but just wanted to see if somebody knew of an easy fix. Even with the Pioneer, it'll be close to $1000 when complete. We'll see
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So, i did hear back from Kenwood. They told me to "Reset the Unit". Wow, earth shattering suggestion! I shouldn't be surprised. After all, you're corporate IT help desk tech is going to suggest you reboot your work PC at the first sign of trouble. Why should Kenwood (Pioneer, Alpine, etc.) be any different?

Obviously, that didn't work. Like the unit wouldn't be reset each time I had to disconnect the negative battery cable (as described above and in my various emails to the involved parties) in order to get the HU to "rediscover" the BT!

Anyways, I was waiting for my local installer to open last Saturday to raise the issue with them. Long story short, their lead tech/installer beleives the CPU is going in the Kenwood HU. I'm definitely inclined to agree that there's something seriously wrong with it. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some simple/stupid fix I wasn't aware of before moving on from this unit. Looks like there wasn't. I have the latest software and firmware so an update won't cure what ails it. Adios Kenwood.

Hello Alpine! After some discussion and some haggling, I settled on buying an Alpine INA-W900 (with Bluetooth and every cable & harness imaginable) for roughly $200 less than average retail pricing. Though it's a couple of years old, It was Alpine's Flagship DVD/NAV Receiver. I also added the KTP-445A Amp (Power Pack - 45w x 4) and a rear back-up camera. It's all being installed on Saturday.

I hope it all goes smoothly and works as advertised.

Now I'm wondering if you can playback audio files from an SD card?
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