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Big Zoom for Videos - HELP

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So at the momment I have the following cameras:

Sony GW77: for action movies, underwater, rainy days etc

Sony NEX-5R: for pictures, low light videos and pictures and shallow DOF videos

Canon 7D: not using it too much since I bought the NEX.

Lenses: 14mm f2.8
16mm f2.8
24mm f1.4
35mm f1.4
50mm f1.8
85mm f1.4
18-55mm kit lens

So until now that was enough for me. Now I feel that I need a BIG focal length. At first I was thinking about buying a lens. I thought about a 200mm with a teleconverter, a 300mm etc

Seeing some videos from mark using a TZ40 I was really amazed with the video quality, so I thought that a good point & shoot with a big zoom would be enough for me. Keep in mind that I DONT CARE ABOUT STILLS QUALITY. I want it ONLY FOR VIDEOS.

Here is what I have until now:

- How is the image quality compared to good camcorders?

- The focal lenght is 1080mm. REALLY nice for that size!
- The video quality looks bad. Do any of you guys can confirm that?

- SONY HX300
- The focal lenght is 1850mm!!!!!!!!!! I think its the longest focal length that you can get for that kind of price.
- How is the video quality of that camera? How is it compared to the PANASONIC TZ40??

- How is the image quality compared to the TZ40?

- Wich one is better? The V720 or this sony?

Thanks in advance!
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To film water sports up the river in summer, I use a Canon 600D with the killer 'crop zoom' function. The new 70D has this too.

This video was filmed on the Haast River in NZ using a 600D, digi zoom and a Canon 70-300L telephoto. The focussing is a little rough, as I only had 30 seconds to set up once I heard this boat & all manual focus with out my loupe even ! and no bag hanging on the tripod, so a little shaky (smoothed out a bit in post with WARP STABILIZER)
http://arcoonastudios.zenfolio.com/p897346936/h5cff8956#h5cff8956 all
half speed slo-mo http://arcoonastudios.zenfolio.com/p897346936/h5d028a62#h5d028a62

The combination of the 3-10x crop zoom, and the 70-300L is amazing - you will need a very good tripod to get the most out of it !

Some penguins using the same combo, near Dunedin NZ, probably 50m away http://arcoonastudios.zenfolio.com/p897346936/h6dbb4e16#h6dbb4e16 a bit o.o.f. (all manual focus and didn't use my loupe)
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