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I will appreciate answers to the following about the Genie and clients: 1) I currently have two HD DVRs, each receiving two coax cables from a splitter mounted on the house wall below the dish. With installation of a Genie will new cables have to be run to the Genie and to a new client or can one of the existing two cables be used at each of the two locations? Is a new splitter installed with one cable to each receiver? I really don't want to have to run new cables. If I understand correctly, there is not a cable that runs directly from the Genie to the client, correct? 2). Will the Directv remotes that I use with the current HR-21 receivers work with both the Genie and the client?I don't want to have to program new receivers. 3) in my current setup I use HDMI from directv receiver to tv and a optical audio cable from the directv receiver to a home theater receiver for receiving audio into the home theater receiver. Without a optical output on the Genie can the optical coax or component cables be used to deliver audio to the home theater receiver? Which would be best, digital or component for delivering audio? 4) from the client, component output can be sent to another tv by using a dongle that attaches to the multi-av output to a component connection, correct?