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Help with room design/equipment

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Hi guys,

I've been out of the home theater game for a number of years but previously built my own dedicated theater room in the basement of our first home with a projector, DIY screen and 6.1 audio.

We are building a new home and my father is moving in with us so the basement was split up with his comfort in mind over my theater desire. I'm looking for any advice and feedback and willing to modify almost anything except the actual dimensions of the room. Our viewing will be split 75/25 in favour of movies over sports and video games. I've attached 2 pictures, one of the basement plan and one of my terrible Excel layout. Here is my plan:

Panasonic AE8000 projector (I'd prefer an Epson but the motorized lens and memory is too important)
Elunevision 4K Audio Weave 110" Diagonal 2.35 fixed frame screen (this will fit almost tight between the wall and the bar)
Axiom Audio On-wall M22 speakers for surrounds and front right and left, Axiom VP150 on-wall center channel
Sub TBD, leaning towards SVS or Rythmik Audio in the higher end range
Receiver/amp TBD

Double drywall
Solid core doors
Roxul insulation in interior walls and floor/ceiling joists
Dark brown cork floor with area rug
Dark blue walls
Ceiling colour TBD, plan to use black fabric on ceiling in front of screen
Custom fit insulated window panels to completely block out light and provide non-reflective surface
Bass traps and other treatments - looking for advice

For seating I had 2 thoughts, either a custom bench against the back wall with a small drink rail type bar and seating in front of that or the main seating near the back wall with floor rockers/flip up ottoman seats for overflow. The main seating would ideally be a 5 seat arrangement with a middle sofa: IOIOOOIOI. That appears to be too wide though so a 2 seat center section will likely have to suffice.

Thanks for the help!

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To begin with, I would make the surrounds more symmetrical by moving the right surround speaker forward so that it is at the edge of the glass (door or window) and move the left surround speaker directly opposite on the back edge of the small wall.

Also, since half your back wall is not there, I would cover what is there with absorbtion to make it consistent.
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Thanks for the input. I will mount the speaker on the end of that wall with an adjustable mount to get it closer to even. Should I also cover the further back wall with absorption or is it far enough out of the main area to not matter as much?
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It would help to cover the further back wall with absorbtion as well.
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