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DYI speaker build for HT

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I am looking at building DYI speakers for 7.2 surround for my dedicated Home Theater room the room is a bonus room over the garage but very large. It is 19W x 22L with 10’ ceiling in front (7’knee walls) and 9’ceiling on riser (6’ knee walls). I will have an acoustical transparent screen 24” from front wall. I want L/C/R matching vertical behind screen. Here is my build thread http://www.avsforum.com/t/1468993/the-retirment-dream-home-theater I was looking at many DYI kits and I am down to three. The surrounds and rears will need to fit in my columns and will be limited to 18”W x 11”D x 14”H I was also considering the overnight sensations but do not think they will be have enough power for the room.
Swope HT Total $1000 https://sites.google.com/site/undefinition/swope-ht
I would do the 3 way towers TMWW up front $400 pair plus $203 for the center with the Swope TM on surround and rear duty $182 a pair x2
Avia Trix total ? est $830 http://speakerdesignworks.com/AviaTrix_6.html
I could only find the cost for the MTM at parts express $285 Pair so I would assume I would add another $145 for center. They do not have the MT as a kit so maybe another $450 for four of them
X-LS Encore (AV123) from GR Research $677
I contacted Danny here was his quote but I would prefer the center as a tower which will add $40. He also said I would need his no rez which is $36 a sheet it looks like the kits above have something like that with them.
From Danny “I'd go with a pair of the X-MTM Encore's for left and right mains. $239 for the pair. Then a single X-CS Encore as a center. It is $99. For rears you can go with the X-LS Encore in a sealed or ported box. They are $149 a pair x 2”
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Since this is for a dedicated HT, in a good sized room, you really should look at higher output speakers. Since this is DIY you can build any "bookshelf" sized kit as a tower. I would seriously look at doing that with any of these kits


They are all serious HT speakers, even the smallest/cheapest ones can hit reference cleanly in your room.

That is just really poor advice from Danny, telling you to use a different center channel with an AT screen...
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Thanks Jay I talked to Danny on the phone and he is more of a stereo high fidelity sort of guy. I got the felling he does not play nice with HT. I looked at all the kits on the DYIsoundgroup but they are all really tall and or to deep for my columns.
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For the surrounds you can do sealed 1pi like I did. The final dimensions turned out to be




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thanks Mrkazador but the dept of my column is only 11" so that is still 2 big
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The depth is 9.25" at the top.

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