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Starter DJ

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Hey I'm new to these forums...
I'm here because I'm trying to find somewhere where people can help me get my first DJ setup, I'm not good at wording this so I'll go straight to the point.
I was looking online at some 'Complete' Digital DJ kits and I came across this:
And I thought wow that looks like a really good price for everything that comes with! But after looking into online how good the speakers are most people seem to think they're rubbish
So I went around trying to find other complete packages because for me this would be a lot easier, just buying it all at once and getting it all at once and everything.
But I can't find anywhere else that does this sort of thing, maybe I'm just not looking good enough

So here's my question, are there any people on this forum that have a good knowledge of this sort of thing and be able to recommend a really good setup for someone starting out for under £500 (or whatever that is in US currency if you're american :P), I'm mainly concerned about having good speakers with clear sound and good bass and a really good amp, many thanks to anyone who responds smile.gif
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Dont think you're going to be able to get a complete setup for that kind of money...
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I'm pretty you could if you get cheaper stuff...
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I went to a shop today which sells that sort of stuff and they said I can easily get a good setup for £500 but their prices weren't the greatest, if i cant find anything better online i'll be going back to him but i prefer to buy online
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I am not an expert on pro-audio, but I don't recognize any of those brands. How big of a space do you anticipate being in? I would imagine something like this would be a good deal better than what you have linked. Since they are active you don't need an amp, just connect them to a mixer and you are set. I think though you should save up some more money, and get a good pair of active PA speakers.
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The thing I'm not looking to do this professionally at the moment, i just wanna be able to do like parties and stuff, nothing to big
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That's about US$750. Your definition of a good setup differs from ours. There's just no way to get loud good sound for that price, including mixer, amp and speakers (forgetting a sub). Pick one of good-ish or loud, but not both. Go with something like you linked to, and later on maybe build some sub cabs.
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Thank you for your input, I may go for the complete package but my main worry is that the speakers are gonna be distorted or something horrible like that...
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Something like this is going to be needed




You could add a second sub and then pole mount the speakers on top of each sub if you wanted. The mixer is also powered, so you could upgrade the speakers in the future as well.
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These do look really nice... but they do sort of smash my budget... I may have to reconsider my budget if I want to get something good i guess... I know Behringer is a good make
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Behringer is considered a budget brand, but they do make stuff that performs very well. Gear that is cheaper then Behringer is basically going to be junk.
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Thanks for the advise
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