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Hi All,

I just got myself an Epson EH-TW6100 3D projector and I've got a quick question about the screen size setting - I have a 115" screen but the projector screen size setting jumps from 110" to 120". Am I better off choosing smaller or larger than the actual screen?

The Sony Blu-ray player can be set to 115" but I assume it should be set to match whatever I choose on the projector?

And off topic but while i'm here, is there a 3D equivalent of a calibration disc? If not, is just transferring the 2D calibration settings to the 3D side going to get me in the ball park? Or should I maybe use the disc test patterns in 2D to 3D conversion mode (which I just thought of as I was typing this)?

Thanks - any and all advice greatly appreciated.

Jeff K