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info help

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Hello all,
I have had the same 7.1 system for 9years now.. Kind of looking to upgrade but I would like opinions of my system. Currently the receive is Sony star de-898 and speakers are polkaudio. The house came pre wired and the wires are regular speaker wires, and when I bought my system they told me to get 16 gauge wires which did not work, so I use regular small speaker wires since that is what's in the walls. I don't want to over power the wires.

I think the only thing I need is a better receiver with hdmi plugs to get better sound, I can here the surround sound but doesn't seem to be loud enough.. just looking for how to get better sound out of my system..

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Speaker wires... can't really help you there if the house was pre-wired. You could try connecting some thicker-gauge in-wall wire to the existing wires and pulling it through, at least for the main right and left speakers.

Sounds like what you want is just a new 7.1-channel receiver. There are tons. What other features are you looking for? What kind of devices are you using? DVD player, cable box, etc. How are they connected currently? This will affect what you'll need.

As for louder, I think you'll just have to crank the volume. I wouldn't worry about the wires. And a new receiver, unless you go crazy, won't be that much louder than your current one.
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