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Need advice on thin(ner) home theater speakers

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I'm building a theater room in our new house and due to space constraints (see link to my thread below) I was looking for thin(ner) on-wall speakers to mount behind an AT screen. I had settled on Axiom Audio on-walls but more research has led me to change directions and find something a little better. What are the options out there for a good-performing, quality center and L/R speaker? I'm looking for a cross between the form of a thin "flat panel" type speaker and the function of a "proper" speaker. It seems there are a lot of options for the fancy looking tech but not much in the way of quality speakers built a little smaller.

Thanks for the help.

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Budget? Ascend htm-200s are pretty good
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Up to $2k budget but I'd rather not spend that much. I'll check them out, thanks!
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Why not use enclosed in wall speakers?  You get rid of the acoustic problems of on wall speakers and would easily fit behind your AT screen.  You'll get better performance than a slim speaker as well.  I wouldn't look at open back in wall speakers.  They either need to have a back box or be in their own enclosure.  The ones in their own enclosure are easier to fit if the drywall is already in place.  Here is an article on baffled wall speakers (aka in wall).




For a thin speaker in your price range look at the Paradigm Millennia LP.  There are many thin speakers but you are always giving up performance when you go too thin.

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Definitive Technology has a lot of on-wall options, I have heard them and they do sound pretty good.
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Thanks for the advice guys. I would prefer not to use in-walls as the screen wall is on the foundation wall and we are using spray foam insulation. I suppose I could install them so the box is only partially recessed into the drywall and have them stick out from the wall. I realize too thin means there will be a lack of performance which is why the Axiom's were originally on the list, more of a standard speaker design than the razor thin panel designs.

I'll look into all of the options mentioned. I guess if I can't find anything that sounds good enough I will have to put the speakers below the screen which opens up a ton of options.
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If you want some really excellent speakers that are wide but very thin, the Magnepan MMG speakers are only $599, and are awesome.

They are somewhat bass-limited, but a subwoofer will handle that nicely.
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What is the actual depth the speakers have to be less then?
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Given that I've only got 13' from screen wall to back wall I'm trying to keep the screen no more than 6" off the wall. I would say 5" (ish) would be the max depth speaker to achieve that goal and that would be with a near flush speaker mount. I'm also trying to maximize the screen width which doesn't allow for placing speakers on the sides of the screen.

The MMG's are pretty cool! Bass is no problem, I'll be going with an SVS or Rythmik sub.
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These JBL LC2 speakers are 5" deep


Considering they have a W-tm-W layout, you could use 3 for an LCR. With dual 6" woofers you get a speaker capable of very good dynamic performance above 80hz. This is a large 30 lb speaker, with a shallow depth. Should be exactly what you are looking for, and still under budget.
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Thanks so much for all your input Jay. Those JBL's look Ike just the ticket. Kind of a pain to get in Canada but it looks like amazon will ship them here.

What do you think about LC2 center, L820's for mains and L810's for surrounds? That combo costs me $380 in shipping for a total of almost $1600. I could either keep 3 LC2's up front or add another set of L810's for 7.1 and still stay close to $2k.
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Three identical speakers is ideal, and if you have the means to do it, you should while it's possible.

You should be able to find a Canadian dealer for JBL?
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I set up the Amazon cart for 3 LC2's and a pair of L820's for surrounds. $677 of shipping and import fees pushes it over budget but not a big deal. I know it is better to spend the money on better speakers now so I'll go that way and wire for 7.1. Easy to add another pair down the road and cheaper than replacing fronts I end up not being happy with.

It is near impossible to find a JBL dealer here. Best Buy carries some lower end stuff and won't special order. JBL itself doesn't list any dealers online. There is a JBL Pro distributor a few provinces away but they aren't helpful in finding non-Pro products. I do have quote requests out to a dealer in Quebec with a good reputation but shipping will be high. I also found a "dealer" a few hours away but the flyer I found for them lists an L820 at over $400...per speaker!
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