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BenQ W7000: The UHP lamp inside and how to change it

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I haven’t had a pleasant experience with my BenQ W7000. It was DOA in early September 2012. Returned to BenQ (Sydney) and was supposedly repaired, but was DOA a second time in mid October. Personally delivered the unit to BenQ in early November and received a replacement which lasted for about 150 hours of use until it, too, developed a fault on a Friday evening in July 2013. So, on the Tuesday, back to Sydney it went a third time.

Fortunately, BenQ Australia offer a 3-year warranty with on-site courier pickup. It’s a great projector and I’m sticking with it. Shame about the reliability, but yay for the service: arrived in Sydney 4.30 PM yesterday, they fixed it today, it will be tested and returned tomorrow. And I'll get a phone call from the tech explaining what the problem was.

Anyway, while playing around with the sick projector over the weekend awaiting pickup, I thought I’d check the lamp. One thing led to another, and the lamp module was soon in pieces on my work bench. Then I wanted to find out technical details about the lamp, and that led to a 9-page PDF containing almost everything you’d ever want to know about a BenQ W7000 lamp and how to replace it.

The 27 MB Zip file can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?juh9szob3q6gfnh

Happy reading!
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I was watching a movie an the projector made a popping noise and the color went away. The projector then made a loud fan grinding like noise while the picture remained in brown and white.

I sent the projector to a NYC repair center who wanted $700 for a new color wheel, lamp ballast and mother board. Benq repair in CA told me that sounded like it could be a reasonable repair amount but probably not worth putting into an old W9000. I had the NYC repair center send the projector back.

Subsequent reading got me thinking the NYC shop was wrong. All symptoms seem to point to the color wheel alone. I opened up the projector and held the color wheel (clearly shattered) from spinning. The noise went away so it was definitely the color wheel motor.

I've got a new color wheel coming and will try to install it myself unless I can find someone willing to put it in for me.

Also......I'm not surprised by your experience with Benq repairs.

My first projector was a little Benq DLP that I used for about 5 years. The picture was getting poor so I sent it in for general cleaning. It took 3 weeks plus the week each way going from CT to CA and back.

When the projector came back there was a hair in front of the lens so I had to send it back to them. The next time it came back it had a loose screwt rattling around inside the projector. Back again. Finally on the 3rd try it came back good and showed a clean image again. The whole process took months.

In frustration I wrote Benq corporate and explained what had happened. While Benq tech capabilities seemed to be lacking their corporate customer service was outstanding. As an apology they offered me a no charge upgrade from my 5 year old basic projector to the W9000. The W9000 was a refurb and there were a couple minor issues that hadn't been corrected by their repair dept. but I was able to live with those. I used the W9000 for another approx. 5 years before the color wheel went.

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Thanks for the info about your BenQ experience. So other than a few hiccups you've had a long period of enjoyment from the projectors. I was becoming very concerned about the quality control for the W7000, but maybe I've just been unlucky three times and I'll have faultless years of using it ahead of me.
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