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Miami Connection (1987) Blu-ray

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So I bought this and had a viewing party last week. At 110", I've got to say that it looked pretty good given the fact that it is a modern 2K scan of some damaged prints and whatever other sources they could find. Some scenes have lots of scratches and imperfections, but the image has not been further ruined any kind of filtering. A handful of scenes actually look very good, with great detail and natural grain, but this is generally the exception. There are many night/dark scenes that suffer from noise (in addition to grain). The cinematography suffers from poor lighting and focus issues throughout, which are oh-so-apparent compared to the VHS rips or online streams. The audio is on par with the video for the most part, I was even surprised by the quality of some of the stereo effects and some occasional deep bass.

If you are reading this thread, then you probably already know if you want this movie or not, so I won't go into detail describing it or the merits of the "so bad it's good" cult. I will summarize the plot for you in case you don't know what this movie is about. If this doesn't hook you, then this film is not for you.

A Taekwondo rock band, Dragon Sound, gets on the wrong side of a rival nightclub house band as well as a violent motorcycle ninja gang in Orlando, FL that is smuggling stupid cocaine from Miami.

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There are only a couple of films, IMHO, which truly transcend "so bad it's good." This is one of them. smile.gif And, yes, taking the (lack of) source material into account it came off remarkably well on BD.
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