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Polk PSW505 or f12 question

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I am looking for a descent budget sub for my first HT setup. My room is 18x15x8, and my receiver is a onkyo tx-sr805. I am looking at either the psw505 or the f12. Will these be to overpowering in this room? Which one is better? they are both 199 on amazon now.

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Not to worry, neither will over power your room.
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There have been a few threads comparing these 2 subs:


And more here: http://www.avsforum.com/newsearch?search=f12+psw505

There is quite a bit about the Polk being more "musical" in at least one of those threads.
The Polk also seems to have a little more power to work with (just speculation based on the specs though).
The Polk is listed on amazon as being more compact, but it also doesn't appear to have as much cone surface area as the Bic f12.
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I've heard and measured the BIC F12 - It's a great sub for $200 and won't try to play lower than what it can handle which is about 30hz. I've heard the Polk PSW505 but not measured it. It was coupled with some Def Tech mains with built in subwoofers. The deftech mains sounded bassier and cleaner without the Polk PSW505 than with it.

The F12 is generally considered the better sub from all the data I've seen on these two --- both are good values at the $200 pricepoint.

If I had to choose of the two - I'd pick the BIC F12 - - - especially after forum member gorilla83 who's owned both confirmed he liked the F12 better.
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You could also consider the Dayton Sub-1200. It sells for about $130 when not on sale.
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I would also check out the jbl es250.
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Just to delay your purchase smile.gif, you can try NXG NX-BAS-500.

Review by Jim.

Disc: I do not own NX-BAS-500.
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