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Odd shaped (?) room speaker setup.

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Greetings all.

I was looking for some ideas and/or feed back on placing speakers in an oddly shaped room. The room has an alcove built in that as pre-wired for a flat screen, however it is set in about three feet. This setup is making planning my speaker setup awkward to say the least. If I hang my TV on the wall in the spot where the prior owners had their TV, it along with the center channel will be a few feet behind the RF and LF speakers, unless I cram them on either side of the TV.

I've posted a few pics (poor stick drawings really) of the floor plan of the room with rough dimensions, and one layout I think may work.

I could arguably close in a portion of the alcove, but that seems like it would be a waste of space.

One note, I do not have my speakers yet, I have a $1200ish budget, I had to leave my last ones in the house I just sold, feel free to make any suggestions in that regards as well. I currently have a Harmon Kardon AVR-254.

How the room is set up

Possible speaker set up?
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You could try a phantom center if you are going to have a single listening position, but if you plan on multiple seating areas, you lose the effect. Another option is to get a center channel speaker stand and place the center out in the room even with the L & R speakers at the edges of those closets. Not ideal, but it's not an idea area.

If you aren't limited to putting the TV there, either of the other two long walls would make for a better front stage.
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So rotate the entire setup 90 either way? I had not thought of that.

I was contemplating flipping the setup and just have that alcove to the rear of the room. Also depending on what is in the space on the left side, I may just close in that alcove, and enlarge that closet; I could sink the receiver, equipment and center into the wall with a behind the wall access. It would make the room smaller but may be worth the effort.
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