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I'm trying to figure out the best solution for a second room. This second room is upstairs in a detached garage.

- minimal wires
- minimal subscriptions
- minimal switching between video sources
- good WAF
- movies (stream and from NAS mkv/m4v)
- youtube
- games
- sports feeds from Dish (722 in main house).

Main house:
- Dish 722, 2 tuner DVR.
- Dune HD Max for movies
- PS3 and Wii
- gigabit ethernet with NAS containing movies and music

Options I've thought about:
- slingbox (can easily add slingbox to Dish 722)
- second Dish receiver (hopper upgrade?)
- game console

- do any of the new "Smart TVs" have a slingplayer app?
- do any of the new Smart TVs stream, movies from a NAS, or is an HTPC/Dune like device best?
- Is the Dish 722 Slingbox option a decent quality stream?
- am I asking for trouble from wife and guests with HTPC option?
- I think the game console is an "and" as it won't do slingplayer

I think I want a TV with the Slingplayer that can stream movies, but I don't think that exists. And HTPC can be made to do it all, but at a high tinker and possibly hard to use for wife and guest concern.
A second dish receiver would help with TV, but the subscription charge would get annoying as we won't use the room a lot.