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I would appreciate some help with my Receivers.

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Approximately 3 weeks ago my Onkyo 707 died and I presume it was a HDMI board, after reading all the reports. I purchased a Yamaha 373, which works perfectly, intending the Receiver to be a stop gap while I decided on a 7.1 unit.

Anyway I purchased a Denon 1913, which worked perfectly for 1 week but then suddenly started flashing on the TV screen, in all the PS3, PVR and XBox360. Thinking the 1913 to be defective I returned it and got a Onkyo 626. Same problem, flashing screen, could not even run the set up. Today I purchased a Marantz 1603. Just hooked it up and ..... same all over again. Flashing screen and cannot run the setup.

Through all of this the Yamaha 373 runs perfectly. No muss no fuss just works.

What could be the problem. I'm using new "High speed HDMI, 1.4, 3D" cables. That's the description on the package.

If it was the HDMI connections why does the Yamaha 373 work perfectly and none of the others?

I'm no expert and am at my wits end.

Any help would be appreciated.
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For troubleshooting, disconnect all of your input devices. Just connect the receivers to the TV and try to run the setup. Also what kind of TV do you have?
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A Toshiba 51H84C. Its fairly old but gives excellent service. Every time I think of changing the imposing size deters me from moving it downstairs and out.

Just hooked up my friends STR-DN1030 and it works perfectly. So the Yamaha and Sony work but the Receivers I actually want Denon and/or Marantz do not.

My buddy is selling me his AVR 2313. Hooked it up last night and just continuous flashing on screen. Its got me stumped and annoyed.
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How are you connecting these receivers to the TV? I think the problem might be the default output resolution of the different receivers.

I think that your TV only supports 1080i signals. If you're connecting the receivers via HDMI, and they're outputting 1080p, you'll just get that flashing. See if you can change the output resolution on the non-working receivers to 1080i using the remote and front display first, then connect them to the TV.
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Thanks. Will try that on the Marantz. But, if that were the case, and I agree that 1080p cannot be played on 1080i TV, how is it that the AVR1913 initially connected, and no problems till a week later, and the Sony 10:)30 and yamaha 373 connect and work beautifully.
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Good point. I'm at a loss. Maybe just send the Denon and Marantz back and try a Yamaha 675. It's 7.1 so, if it works, just keep it.
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HDMI video flashing can be the result of a number of things to include: (1) Using 1080p instead of 1080i (as JBWIII noted), (2) loose HDMI connection (so try all the inputs on the TV), (3) not powering on the devices in a specific order, typically TV, wait a few seconds, AVR, wait a few seconds, and then finally the source device, and lastly (4) a defective cable so get another set of cables (inexpensive at forum sponsor Monoprice < $5).
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Thanks every one. But the problem is solved. I was talking to one of my neighnours who told me that the Denon AVR1913 was having problems with its "out to TV HDMI connections". He works in an Amplifier repair store and changed the connector for me. Now life is good again.
Don't know about the Marantz since I returned that.
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I've run across a number of problems with Denon and other amps and the HDMI output to the HDTV, by whatever method. component, composite or coax. Flashing and stuttering in video or audio or both. I've found some settings for the ARC options can yield some very difficult faults to diagnose. The Yamaha RX-V373 is an exceptional unit, options galore, inputs and outputs in multiple formats and decoding schemes for just about every media source.
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I've personally never had a problem with the HDMI output of the 3 Denon receivers I've owned, over the last 8 years, doing this. Interesting. But I'm using projectors, so maybe that makes a difference.
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Personally I like Denon and Onkyo. Don't know why but maybe I'm just familiar with them. I loved my Onkyo 707 for the 21/2 years, it worked with no problems. Sorry that it died. I also like the Yamaha 373. For $199.00 its given no trouble and the sound is great. However I have a 7.1 all B & W speaker system and the 373, I feel, doesn't do it justice.

However, I live in Canada where Receivers are very expensive. A 2313CI demo yesterday, at Best Buy Canada, was priced at $999.99 and that was an "Open Item" with no box, scattered accessories etc. They wouldn't budge on the price.

I'm considering purchasing on Amazon, or any other Store in the US, and shipping to a PO Box in Washington State (I'm 20 minutes from the Border). But its going to cost me 5% Washington sales tax plus, at a minimum, 12% sales tax at the Canada-US Border. I'm not sure about import duties. It seems to depend on the mood of the Customs Officer.

BTW, my friend, did not say all Denons had a HDMI out problem only, to his knowledge, the 1913. But that's because most average people have that model.smile.gif
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