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Def. Tech. SM350 or PM1000??

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I currently have a 3.1 Definitive Technology setup with Promonitor 800 fronts, a Procenter 1000 and a Prosub 800. They are being powered by a Denon 1713. I had plans to move the PM800's to the rears and get 2 PM1000's for the fronts to complete my 5.1 setup.

The thing is the PM1000's are $220 each. Then I found a PAIR of Studio Monitor 350's for only $250. I am tempted to try these for my fronts instead. My concern is that the SM350's won't match my PC1000 as well as the PM1000's would and also may overpower the PC1000. They are also a bit bigger and may be a tight fit in my setup.

At almost half the price it is tempting to try the SM350's but I don't want to go with something that won't fit the rest of my system.

Any thoughts???
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Go for the SM350's as your mains. The rear ProMonitor are just for ambience so you won't notice the change as much. You may or may not notice the change in center to the 350 mains but if it bothers you, you can always find a CLR2002 for cheap on eBay.
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Definitely the SM350. They are a much better main speaker than the PM1000. The receiver has audyssey so it will help mitigate any slight timbre differences.
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The only down side is it will probably make you want to upgrade the center so that it will be able to keep up with your l/r
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another vote for the sm 350s had them for years for our left and right with the clr 2002 for our center a very good system for the price.
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Thanks for the input. I an still undecided because I have space restraints and the pm1000s will fit much better.
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