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monoprice motorized screen

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Aniversery sale. http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=109&cp_id=10909&cs_id=1090901&p_id=6582&seq=1&format=2


Black steel casing Motorized operation using a super-quiet Somfy motor Includes RF remote control for screen operation 106" diagonal screen size 16:9 aspect ratio 160° viewing angle 1.0 screen gain Wall mounting hardware included
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It looks like the price is actually $388.35 but I am not complaining, this is a 106" projector screen that should cost a few thousand dollars, what a steal.

Has anyone had tried this projector screen?
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I have had one for a few years (but in white, and a bit bigger). It works beautifully and the installation was easy. In the past year, I stopped bringing it up and down regularly and now only do it when absolutely needed (not for any fault of the screen, I just would rather not needlessly stress the motor).

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Monoprice used to have one in white? Bummer. that is what I am holding out for.
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Visual Apex is a sponsor here, and they offer a 106 motorized screen for $289 plus $99 shipping (appears to be flat rate),for a total of $388 while Monoprice is showing a shipping fee of $165, for a total price of $535.
I have the 120" version, and am very happy with it. VApex also includes a remote trigger to connect to your projector, which I don't see listed on Monoprice's version.
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