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If YOU were in charge (Skyrim type game for PS4)

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If YOU were in charge of creative content for a next-gen open world RPG (think Skyrim type), what would you do.

What would YOUR project be like?


- I'd have specific locales/regions with specific environments (kinda like WoW); like a jungle continent or area, a frosty-snowy area, etc.

- I'd also have more underwater available stuff (including sharks). But more things to explore down there (ancient ruins, shipwrecks).

- I'd have over-water travel (ship travel) and combat, with an option for fast travel at any time you're not in combat

- More ruins environments and looks and personality. In Skyrim, for instance, every tomb practically looks the same

- Giant snakes. There, I said it.

- Ultra large creatures (like the size of the big monsters in ME2)

- More monster variety. Basically, just open up the D&D Monster Manuals and pull from them liberally (Beholder please!)

How bout you guys?
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I want to see a Mass Effect x Dragon Age RPG in which some of the surviving Normandy crew members crash land on the Dragon Age world, where technology is rendered useless (initially), as they find themselves unwittingly pulled into a full scale Mage vs. Templar war, Spec Ops: The Line style. Finding Hawke (aka Conrad) is essential, they believe, to ending the conflict and gaining access to the power sources they need for the ship to be made operational again. The player chooses their character class to start from among Garus (warrior/biotic), Liara (full biotic), or James (full warrior).

I know it sounds crazy, but dare to dream.
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Space based. Be able to travel between planets in real time including landing on them (no cut scene shortcuts plus also having to deal with hostile atmospheres[e.g. a gas giant that can potentially crush my ship or fast winds, low visibility]/alien races/etc.). I want to be able to walk around like in Skyrim, see my spaceship sitting in the open, climb aboard, go to the controls, be taken to a fps view of you in the cabin (or 3rd person if space permits) and take control of the craft and fly it myself anywhere on the planet or out to space. Travel through the atmosphere and see it slowly give way to space, see the glare of the host star, see the blackness of space and the stars, decide where to travel to and either go there in real time or a fast travel like the ES games have done. I want to be able to adjust the flight speed and if it takes me 100 years to travel below light speed so be it. Heck I want to even be able to set the ship to auto pilot and if the ship is big enough go through whatever other options are available to me (go to a holodeck style room and simulate another part of the game, go practice fighting styles, even just go walk around and enjoy the view). I want to be able to have the ship tell me there's random points of interest (planets, asteroids, etc.) that I can divert to and explore). The problem of scale of course is an issue (especially with space) but the possibilities are so endless with this scenario. The game doesn't even have to have a real point, just procedurally generate the universe (with thousands of stock assets for aliens and their worlds). If they're so inclined there can be scripted events on these worlds I can contribute to/interact with but these worlds go on as if I'm not there. Yes it's probably a pipe dream but man that game would have me so hooked I don't think I would ever leave.
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Provided I had the resources available, I would:

Create a world with varied cultures represented across national boundries. Certain areas/cities would be multi-cultural, but other areas deeper within the nation become mono-cultured. Those races who would be considered "strange" to that culture may have more difficult NPC interactions.

Create varied landscapes to explore. From mountains to deserts to jungles. Also I would create underground and underwater areas to explore and possibly a skyborne realm (where the player pans the camera and they are surrounded by clouds)

A massive beastiary. I would try to create unique takes on beings from classic myth and literature. This will include huge creatures like giants and dragons. Some few creatures would be large enough to climb upon and have an entire battle while climbing on them.

I would implement mounted combat....including aerial combat. I would want the character to be able to ride a pegasus or griffon or dragon or some such flying creature and be able to do battle among the clouds.

I would have naval travel and allow for the possibility of naval battles (see Assassin's Creed 4 for a ridiculously awesome example of what this would be like) complete with uncharted islands waiting to be discovered and explored.

Because I'm the lead designer on this game, I would have a very detailed martial arts culture in the game, both armed and unarmed styles would be represented.

I would have a complex, yet intuitive battlesystem that was varied enough to keep combat fresh and interesting. I would also implement a critical hit system that was dependent upon a combination of the attackers skill, what weapon they are using, what part of the opponents body the weapons struck and what armor they are wearing. Any body part hit with a critical stops functioning until it can be healed (through use of a skill or spell) so of course that means critical hits to the head are instant death and critical hits to the torso cause a significant disadvantage. Because of this, critical hits would be rare....but not too rare. Armor is important. Any location on the body not protected by armor is much easier to critically damage. Larger, tougher creatures such as giants and dragons will be very difficult to crit with mundane human-sized weapons (like being stuck with a needle or pocket knife) and of course certain creatures like slimes and certain types of undead will be largely immune to crits (example, zombies are much less susceptible to crits except to the head location)

I would have a natural world seeped in magic. This would make for all kinds of wonders found throughout the world such as areas where magical storms sweep through, draining everything of their excess magical energy (mages get all their magic points sucked dry!) or a desert with an oasis that holds a boulder of never-melting-ice (if you chip some of that ice off, it never melts and can be placed in a small body of liquid to freeze it solid...I would make that handy at some point during the game) or a waterfall that flows upward or an area where the clouds are as solid as soft earth. Magic would be common, but powerful magic would be rare. All characters would have some sort of magical ability from fighters (mystical martial arts stuff) to thieves (magically enhanced stealth abilities) all the way to full blow magic users.

I would have a complex narrative that was very important to the game. And things will happen with or without the characters involvement. For example, if the characters are told by the local king to deliver a token of peace to a neighboring kingdom where some hostilities are brewing, and the character party gets distracted by stuff in the world and deliver the message late, they will find that the hostile kingdom will have invaded their own kingdom and they are too late. Now when they return home, they return to a land occupied by enemy forces. However, if they were to deliver the message on time, the invasion does not happen and the home situation is different because of their actions. It would also be possible for the character party to return home just as the hostile forces are invading and become involved in the battle and possibly effect the outcome.

And for the love of the gods, I would NOT have it in First Person Perspective. I freakin hate that. I want to see my characters. And a party of characters, not some lone rambo who can take on the world all by his lonesome.
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Originally Posted by NuSoardGraphite View Post

...And for the love of the gods, I would NOT have it in First Person Perspective. I freakin hate that. I want to see my characters....

Give me the option of 1st person and I'll buy your game. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by pcweber111 View Post

Give me the option of 1st person and I'll buy your game. smile.gif

We here at Graphite Design Studios (GDS) do not compromise our principles sir. however if the first person view option is significantly popular enough, we may explore the posibilities of its implementation.
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