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connect passive speakers to a pc subwoofer

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Here's what I'm trying to do, and I've searched and searched and it seems i'm the first person to ever attempt such a feat (HA!)

i have logitech X530 5.1 speakers on my pc, which has a 7.1 soundcard (creative soundblaster i beleive)

i have outdoor speakers on my deck, which are passive, and i want to somehow connect these to my pc. the speakers have the + and - spring holders for speaker wire.

my first attempt: i ran speaker wire to the speakers, and on the PC end i solder RCA jacks....i plugged these into the Rear Left and Rear Right outputs on the back of the subwoofer...i then went into my soundcards settings and enable stereo audio through the rear speakers and mute all other speakers except the rear ones

this gave me limited results. it actually did work, but limited volume, and i still get a little bit of bass out of my subwoofer (even though i turned its volume to 0 in the settings).

what id really prefer is to plug these into the front left and front right on the subwoofer, then just switch my settings to 2.0 and id be done...unfortunately there is no Front Right RCA jack on the subwoofer because that speaker has volume control and headphones so its multi-pin connector

A couple questions: is there a better way? i'd like to avoid having to go through my speaker settings every time i want to use the outdoor speakers and id like to completely mute any indoor speakers while the outdoor ones are in use.

i know that passive speakers require an amplifier, so my next question (after doing more research): why did this work?

i dont really want to add an amplifier then go pc > amp > outdoor speakers because of the expense and im pretty tight on space (have a lot going on with this pc/monitor)

any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!
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Your subwoofer also acts as an amplifer for all the speakers in the system, so it's able to drive your outdoor speakers. However it was only designed to drive the speakers that came with it, so it's not suprising that you aren't getting a satisfactory volume level.

I don't think you'll have much doing better than that without buying additoinal equipment. For less than $100 you should be able to find a used stereo receiver or maybe a small power amplifier than can drive your outdoor speakers properly.
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Got it, makes sense. By small power amplifier how small do you mean?

I have a different logitech set in use elsewhere, but its subwoofer has speaker wire connections instead of rca. Would this work betterr or "correctly" or same issue?
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Ok those mini amps look pretty cheap and small Thanks for the advice!

My next attempt: get a mini amp and use rca to 3.5mm stereo cord, then I can plug this into the headphone jack on the right speaker of the logitech system (this will mute all inside speakers)...Should work, right?
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SUCCESS! if anyone is curious, i have excellent results with this setup.

i have these speakers http://www.amazon.com/Dual-LU43PB-Indoor-Outdoor-Speakers/dp/B00081NX5U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1374423802&sr=8-3&keywords=outdoor+speakers outside on my deck (sound is very good for the price)

i also have this amplifier on my desk inside http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003P534SW/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

from the amp i have an RCA to 3.5mm stereo plug going to my right speaker of the computer speaker, this plugs into the headphone jack when i want to use outdoor speakers (and the amp is turned on). This mutes the inside speakers, and for about $60 between the speakers and the amp, I have very good sound pumping outside now from my PC

if anyone else is attempting something similar (i know ive read a few people trying to connect passive speakers to a pc) i hope this helps
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