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We have a Directv receiver that currently feeds two TVs via a splitter and a Hauppauge via the component output. (The Directv only has 1 HDMI and 1 component output.) I have read that the splitter (I guess actually the Directv receiver) will default to the lower of the resolutions in use, 720P or !080i etc, or to non 3D if trying to transmit in that mode and non 3D model connected.. I am adding a 3D capable projector in the same area and am wondering if I can separate the output to the non 3D TVs via a HDMI A/B switch. I would have only one input into the switch but am thinking I could end up with 1) splitter with original TVs on it and 2) the straight line signal into the projector. I realize that when the projector is active, the other TVs cannot be used but that is not a problem in my situation.

DirecTV ----SwitchA----Splitter ----two TVs or
B----(no splitter) - Projector

Thanks for any suggestions.