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Survalence system

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Sorry i know how to spell surveillance. my phone tried to be smarter than me: I bought this system https://m.bjs.com/product?url=/defender-connected-16-channel-h264-dvr-with-500gb-hard-drive-eight-480tvl-outdoor-cameras-and-smartphone-compatibility.product.227206%3FdimId%3D ( I can't get the link button to work...sorry)
on sale and thought it was a great deal but I'm having second thoughts. I want 8 cameras expandable to 16 and I want DVR and remote monitoring, but I'm disappointed that I can't record sound. Does anyone have a recommendation that is equal to this WITH sound?
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It does have an audio input so you could record audio from either 1 microphone or combined microphones through an external mixer. The cameras don't have built in microphones and if they did it wouldn't be as good quality as a standalone mic. There are other DVR units out there that have up to 4 channels of audio recording, beyond that you probably won't find in consumer grade stuff.
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Don't believe the "records over 2 years' worth of footage on its 500GB hard drive" line from the spec page.
With 8 cams recording 24/7 (assume motion activation doesn't work) at a decent frame rate (5-12fps) and a decent resolution (720x480) you may 2+ weeks of storage out of a 500GB hard drive. Of course with 16 cams you'll get a lot less with that small hard drive.

On my home system I have 8 cams using the settings I listed above- I get 40 days of storage with my 2TB hard drive.
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I did read the warnings about "records 2 years" and I'm good with that. I also saw the motion detection notification dosent work as advertised. Which is a bummer but I think I can be ok with that.
The sound part really bums me out. We are thinking about getting an intercom system. Besides for security, I will use them to monitor my kids while we are on separate floors. And I'd like to hear if the little one is calling the big one a "stupid poopy face". Her "innocent" face is tooooooo good! Lol!
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