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Sony VPH 1252 - RGB not in the middle

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I have used my projector in Video-mode all the time, but now I'm trying to get hdmi to work with the RGB.
I've done this with different solutions, like external converters, directly with rgb input and also now with the moome fullHD v.3 card.
Still the RGB size is much smaller than the video size and much to the left.
The settings is all good with the testpatterns like the cross in the middle etc, but when the blueray goes on it shows far to the left.

When trying to RGB shift it goes as far as it can and says "overflow" but when trying to RGB size it it can go bigger and full out on the right side but goes outside on the left side. When checking directly at the screens in the tube you can see that the image is only in one side but there is room left on the other side.

Is there some way to get the RGB image to be kind of in the middle of the screen just like the video signal is.

I guess this is something with the projector because it's the same thing even if I try to connect different computers, playstations, bluerays or cables or even resolutions.

I can pull the projector back and get the right size but it seems strange to not use most of the phosfor screensize.
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Post this in the Moome section of my forum, that';s where you'll get assistance:

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I actually dont think that this is a Moome problem as it was before I installed Moome, but I give it a try there anyway if someone can help.

If someone else is using a 1252 (or alike) projector, please let me know if you could use the same size of RGB and Component (video) or if there is a difference and if the RGB version is on the left side.

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