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Excellent 2.0 vs 5.1

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I have a set of B&W N802 which I love for music and home theater. I use them in 2 channel mode only for music/HT.

I am thinking about setting up 5.1 for home theater.

My question is, will I have a much better experience in 5.1 vs a well set up 2.0? I currently have a solid center image and atmosphere galore due to the airy Nautilus tweeters.

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A 5.1 system is totally different than a 2.0 system. You be have the benefit of surround sound and the deep impact of some movies due to the subwoofer. 2.1 systems are also great for music. No one can tell you what you will like. Go to some retail stores and demo a surround system.
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The benefits of a 5.1 are the descreet surround channels which will add to the "airyness" of your tweeters. A subwoofer that's equal or better then your speakers can only improve the experience. In short, if you add a center and surrounds that match your mains and get a comparable sub then you should like the 5.1 experience. If only spend as much on a 5.1 system as your current mains sell for then you might be disappointed.

A good 2.0 or 2.1 can be very enjoyable from the sweet spot if you can crank the volume up to fill the room. I can't turn the volume up that high so an inferior 5.1 (if you can call Polk LSi25's, 7's and an LSiC "inferior" - I don't) is an acceptable compromise. Low volume surround sound vs high volume "airyness".
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