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807 Dead!

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Well, My 807 which was purchased 03-11-09 finally died on 7-3-13. No speaker icons no picture. I have received repair authorization from Onkyo. There is an authorized repair center 1/2 mile from my house...How lucky is that? No shipping cost. I replaced it with the TX-NR818. What can I say? I have been buying Onkyo products for over 20 years. The 818 is my 5th Onkyo amp. The 807 my only disappointment.
If the 818 fails I will be forced to look elsewhere.......with regrets!
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If you're already upset about the 807 breaking then why would you already go out and buy an 818 before the 807 is repaired? That doesn't make any sense to me. Onkyo started lacking in reliability and performance after the 805. My 805 is still working just fine. But I only use it as a preamp with cooling fans and I don't use Audyssey and that makes it run very cool. I'm like you. I have been an Onkyo die hard, but after my 805 gives out I'm looking elsewhere.
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I have an 807 used as a preamp that has not given me any problems to date. But I too will be looking elsewhere once it is time for a replacement. I have dealt with too many problems of family members' Onkyo receivers that I have set up for them. 2 of them are the infamous nr515 & nr616 receivers...
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